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Thérésa Hedges

Thérésa Hedges is an award-winning novelist and playwright. Tending towards the eclectic, she has a particular fondness for writing  science fiction, horror, and humour. Her first novel, “Our Little Miracle” was a cautionary tale about the role genetics plays in our everyday lives and how science can be manipulated to meet many ends.

She has since published three more books: “Dominic”, a Wilde-inspired tale of a young Welsh medical student who unwittingly becomes a vampire in Victorian times, “The Diary Of An Everyday Vampire”, a witty view of life from the viewpoint of someone who definitely is not undead, and “Trash”, a futuristic thriller also set in her native Wales.

Her latest book sees her stepping outside the sci-fi/horror genre with a humourous and affectionate homage to Pride & Prejudice, entitled “First Impressions”. She has also returned to screenwriting and recently finished work on the film “Like Glass”.

AUTHOR: Thérésa Hedges

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Dominic: The Tale Of An Accidental Vampire

Dominic: The Tale Of An Accidental Vampire
978 1 5498407 7 7
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Thérésa originally trained as a psychologist then (when the Ghostbusters thing didn’t work out) she went into teaching. All the while, she was writing, initially working on screenplays before moving on to be an award-winning playwright. In 2015 Thérésa returned to her first love of novel-writing and wrote the science-fiction thriller Our Little Miracle. 2016 saw the release of Diary Of An Everyday Vampire, & the story of a very different vampire – Dominic. The sci-fi thriller Trash followed in November 2017. Her style is very visual, poetic, and has been described as ‘like Classic Gothic fiction of the best kind.’
Thérésa describes herself as being ‘a bit hyperactive and outdoorsy’ and jokes that if/when anyone makes a film of Dominic, she’d like to play Aunt Melissa, please..!



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Not all angels fall. Some are pushed... 

London, the 1890s. Dominic Ross is a sweet, idealistic student doctor, finding his way around London society with the help of his devoted friend James. Dominic's life is full of potential: a promising career, good friends and a girl he adores. When he and James meet society darling Sir Adam Morell, they have little idea of the secret that will turn the innocent Dominic's life upside down.



Dominic just kind of stumbles through becoming a vampire and all that comes with it. Thank heaven for his loyal friend, James (who I hope is getting his own romantic interest in the sequel...hint, hint). I love how the story is told from multiple points of view, giving a unique perspective. Poor Dominic. He has to suffer through so much heartache before getting some happiness. Well done! *****


First off- I am VERY picky about my Vampire fiction... but the tale of 'Dominic' delivers to the reader on so many levels. Hedges' vampires can only be described as a breath of fresh air. While she does honor many of the classic vampire attributes, as a whole, her take is a very unique one. The first half of 'Dominic' reads like Classic Gothic fiction of the best kind. Hedges immediately wraps the reader around her finger and draws them into the dying breaths of Victorian England before catapulting her audience into modern times. What impressed me most about the author, was how her writing evolved flawlessly with the timeline- her classic style becoming a modern one without a hitch. Through it all, Hedges keeps the reader guessing. Every time you think you know what's going to happen, she surprises you again! But the best aspects of 'Dominic' are in the relationships that are built between characters. Not only does Hedges weave a beautiful romance, but she holds the importance of friendship in equally high regard. Five stars all across the board! Can't recommend it enough! *****



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