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Sarah Stuart is a UK author whose award-winning Royal Command books are popular worldwide. The series features Michael Marsh, an actor/singer a backstreet boy who made it to superstar with the help of his beloved wife, Lizzie, whom he left to bring up their first two children while he toured the world. Their daughter, Lisette, only knew him as The Diamond Superstar, the prince in every childhood fairy tale, the idol of her teenage dreams. When he returned, jet-lagged, when she was 18, she seduced him. One night was enough to give them a daughter and set in motion a chain of events that haunts them forever.

Welcome to Michael’s world and find out the truth that a journalist, The Spy, would do anything to know!


AUTHOR: Sarah Stuart

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Illicit Passion: The Consequences of Seduction

Illicit Passion: The Consequences of Seduction
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Writing Illicit Passion was an incredible experience for Sarah Stuart. The majority of the characters had already made an appearance in Dangerous Liaisons, Book 1 of the Royal Command series, but a discussion on Goodreads had shown which of “the cast” were the most popular, and which minor characters readers wanted to know more about. James, who had appeared as a troubled teenager, intrigued so many he enters Illicit Passion as the new Laird of Kinloch.

The same thing happened in a Goodreads discussion of Illicit Passion. Michael polled the most votes as the favourite character, but there was enormous interest in the ongoing relationship between “the twins”, Harriet and Kit, and in young Greta. Their stories continue in Dynasty of Deceit, and Sweet Temptation.

Margaret Tudor’s Book of Hours continues to hold interest, which is a treat for me as I love history almost as much as showbiz and the research into life in the 16th century is fascinating. My other passion, the protection of wildlife, and concern for unwanted pets, means the royalties from every sale of my books goes to animal charities.


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Broadway singer and actress, Lisette Marsh, flees to Paris and joins her father, The Diamond Superstar, for a European concert tour. Michael discovers she is being blackmailed into perverted sex with threats to reveal that she had his baby eighteen years before. He gambles his career, his marriage, and his liberty, to discredit the paparazzi-fuelled scandal.

Their lovechild, Harriet, discovers the truth about her about her parentage and vanishes. The man behind the blackmail sends ransom demands, so did Harriet leave her London home of her own freewill or was she kidnapped? “$6,000,000 or you get her body, darling.” Can Michael's audacious plan to defeat the blackmailer work, or must Lisette return to the man she fears to save the whole family from imprisonment and financial ruin?


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Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Sarah Stuart handles this theme well and readers will love the soap opera quality of the story. The characters are larger than life, beautiful, glamorous and glitzy, but obviously have their demons and secrets. Getting to know those secrets and peeling back the layers of dirt and grit that lie beneath all of the superstar glamour is the fun of Illicit Passion, and readers will really appreciate this incredible journey. - Janelle Fila - Readers' Favorite Sarah Stuart's Illicit Passion: The Consequences of Seduction is a riveting family saga built around incest, blackmail, and the stabbings-in-the-back that take place when someone knows something that shouldn't be known. Stuart will please readers with her elegance of style. Her prose is sensual and exquisitely beautiful, and she creates characters that are as compelling as they are memorable.

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Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Illicit Passion: The Consequences of Seduction by Sarah Stuart is the tale of a family conundrum at the centre of which is sweet forbidden love, a child of incest, and a ruthless blackmailer among other dark family secrets. It was fascinating to follow their lives as they each used their wits to fight the battles that threatened them from within and outside the family. Sarah Stuart crafted a unique and gripping theme for this bizarre family drama. Although their actions are hard to come to terms with, somehow in the end the Marsh family come off as one that genuinely loves and cares for each other.



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