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Sarah Stuart is a UK author whose award-winning Royal Command books are popular worldwide. The series features Michael Marsh, an actor/singer a backstreet boy who made it to superstar with the help of his beloved wife, Lizzie, whom he left to bring up their first two children while he toured the world. Their daughter, Lisette, only knew him as The Diamond Superstar, the prince in every childhood fairy tale, the idol of her teenage dreams. When he returned, jet-lagged, when she was 18, she seduced him. One night was enough to give them a daughter and set in motion a chain of events that haunts them forever.

Welcome to Michael’s world and find out the truth that a journalist, The Spy, would do anything to know!

AUTHOR: Sarah Stuart

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Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress (Royal Command Book 1)

Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress (Royal Command Book 1)
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Sarah Stuart is an award-winning author whose books are based on her show business experience, her concern for animals, the challenges of her Christian faith, and her passions for history and travel.

Sarah’s hope is that readers will enjoy her novels as an escape from reality, but be left understanding that fame and fortune often comes at a high personal cost. Also, an increased perception of the threat to animals: those shot in the name of sport for trophy heads, endangered species, many poached for their fur and ivory, and tragically discarded pets.

Sarah appreciates reviews very much. Readers have already helped endangered species and discarded pets worldwide; she donates 100% of her royalties to help and reviews encourage others to buy and review for this globally worthwhile cause.


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Lizzie falls in love with Michael and helps him become a showbiz superstar. Their eighteen-year-old daughter, talented actress Lisette, seduces Michael. Can Lizzie forgive them, outwit the paparazzi out to prove incest and the birth of a lovechild, save their careers and liberty, and her marriage?

Sweeping from a shooting estate in the Western Highlands of Scotland to London’s West End and the production of two musicals, this novel contains authentic fictional insider stories of two very different contemporary worlds.

The thread running through the Royal Command books is a secret diary first owned by Margaret Tudor, James IV of Scotland’s queen, which has been passed down an illegitimate female line for almost five centuries. It contains these words: I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may; a dangerous command that sounds so very innocent.


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Reviewed by Marta Tandori for Readers' Favorite

Dangerous Liaisons by Sarah Stuart is one of the most wonderful and imaginatively unique stories that I've had the pleasure of reading. Part romance and part historical, the story is a spellbinding tapestry that will have readers who love romance and history engaged from beginning to end. The book has two primary story components; the first being how the two young protagonists, Lizzie and Michael, meet and fall in love while the second component focuses on their married life and their complicated relationships with their two children, James and Lisette. Woven throughout both components are the revelations contained in the sixteenth century diary, The Book of Hours. The main protagonists in Dangerous Liaisons are both compelling and complex, which adds yet another texture to an already good story whose heart and soul is Queen Margaret's diary. What Stuart does exceptionally well is illustrate how complex families can be and how the choices they make in the past can affect and influence the lives of future generations. Lies, deceit, treachery, heartache, Dangerous Liaisons has it all but, most importantly, it also has the kind of ending most readers crave. A unique and highly satisfying read that is well worth the time!

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Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress by Sarah Stuart is a captivating novel depicting a family story that spans centuries, with each part of the story rich in detail, drama and intrigue. It is really impressive how the story navigates through hundreds of years ago to the present and back again without either part taking the focus away from the other. The two angles instead complement each other perfectly to bring to life a gripping and most intricate family drama. Love at first sight, fame, betrayal, forbidden passion and everything in between, this story has it all, and Sarah Stuart blended it flawlessly to produce a well-detailed and compelling read.



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