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Ricky D Phillips is a two-time #1 Best Selling British Military Historian and Author specialising in investigative history throughout the ages. A popular name on the lecture circuit and in digital military history, his debut work; “The First Casualty – The Untold Story of the Falklands War” achieved global acclaim for its handling of the story of the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands on April 2nd 1982 in what was the world’s first three-sided, first-person narrative history, which revealed a previously unknown and untold story which challenged everything previously thought about the invasion. The book was especially popular around the world for Phillips’ unorthodox combination of first-person narrative history combined with vast research which proved beyond all doubt that a great number of losses had been covered up by the Argentine side, including the crews on an LCVP Landing Craft and an LVTP-7 Amtrack APC, both of which Phillips subsequently found and showed in the book. His second release, “Sixty Battles – The Complete Battles of Napoleon Bonaparte from Toulon to Waterloo” was likewise, a #1 Best Seller and topped the Amazon New Release charts in the UK and USA simultaneously.

With a reputation for a fresh, fast-paced, narrative style combined with painstaking and in-depth research, Ricky D Phillips is considered one of the foremost ‘new historians’ in the industry today, with a vast back-catalogue of previously unreleased material now coming to the fore. He lectures on military history to the British army as well as to civilians and has been a guest lecturer at Glasgow University on the Falklands War under Professor Tony Pollard.

AUTHOR: Ricky D Phillips

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The First Casualty - The Untold Story of the Falklands War

The First Casualty - The Untold Story of the Falklands War
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Ricky D Phillips grew up in Whetstone, North London and now resides in Edinburgh, Scotland, a place which – after more than a decade – he calls his permanent home. As a teenager, enamoured by Bernard Cornwell’s ‘Sharpe’ series, he began a lifetime of study and writing of Military History, later establishing the ‘British Military History’ forum on LinkedIn: the biggest and still fastest-growing professional military history community on the web. Ricky also has a large military history Twitter community and tweets regularly @rickyphillips as well as from his professional Facebook page, “Ricky D Phillips – Military History Author.”

Over the past few years, Ricky has established himself as one of the most knowledgeable and credible historians on the military history circuit, lecturing to the military and to civilian audiences alike. His Napoleonic production “Sixty Battles” was featured in 2014 on STV and he was included in the Society for Army Historical Research’s “Top 15 Most Influential People in Military History 2014” – his name appearing amongst those of  Field-Marshal, a Lieutenant General and twelve professors and published authors of military history. In 2015 he presented a local history of his new home town of Stockbridge, Edinburgh on Japanese TV. In 2016, he began work on his now-world-famous debut history; “The First Casualty” the #1 Best Seller on the Falklands War, which gained international acclaim in over 40 countries, the story – the untold story of the Falklands War – being featured in UK newspapers, The Sun, The Mail on Sunday, the Daily Express and in others to include the Portsmouth News, Plymouth Herald and North London Times as well as several newspapers in Canada, the USA, Australasia and Europe and digital South Atlantic News Agency Mercopress, amongst many others, with a Spanish translation for the South American market due in early 2019. In January 2018, he was exclusively interviewed for ‘Britain at War’ magazine with a seven-page spread, showing some of the many discoveries from his work on the Falklands War, and he is a celebrated guest lecturer at Glasgow University’s Conflict History Centre. His book “The First Casualty” has been the subject of several Radio shows to include “My Falklands Story” on BBC Radio Cumbria and other stations to include Falklands Radio, BBC Radio Solent and Talk Radio Europe, as well as BBC News and even with talk of a TV Documentary and a feature film underway. He is now an honorary member of the Royal Marines’ Naval Party 8901 and has also been a ‘talking head’ on a number of BBC TV and Radio shows on the subject of military history.

Ricky also works with several writers of military fiction / faction and is mentioned by long-term-friend Paul Fraser Collard in “The True Soldier” – part of the internationally acclaimed Jack Lark series for historical consultancy work on the American Civil War, as well as having worked extensivel with Paul on the historical plot for the next book in the series, “The Rebel Killer”. He has also worked with his good friend Gary Albyn, writer of the acclaimed “A League of Warriors” on his sequel book, “Red Talon” in which Ricky not only acted as historical consultant for the Falklands War, but also penned both the foreword and historical note.

In June 2018, Ricky released his second book, “Sixty Battles – The Complete Battles of Napoleon Bonaparte from Toulon to Waterloo” which rose to Amazon #1 New Release in both the UK and USA on the same day on which it was published, holding the top slot in the USA for over a week. The day after publication, “Sixty Battles” was also an Amazon #1 Best Seller and Ricky’s second in succession.

He is currently in the process of releasing his back-catalogue of previously unpublished material, with several more books due out between 2018 and 2019, to include new histories on Hannibal, Caesar, Napoleon, the Peninsular War, the Falklands War and also a seven-volume history of Napoleon, with each one promising some fascinating new discoveries and talk of at least one more TV documentary. A little-known fact is that Ricky has also discovered two ancient battlefields from the Carthaginian era, and that he also stars in historical films – anywhere, basically, where he can swing a sword of fire a musket – and is due to star in the Oscar-tipped “Mary Queen of Scots” in late 2018.

As to the inclusion of the “D” middle initial, Ricky claims that it has become necessary since a Google search of Ricky Phillips brought up images of the Ricky Lynn Phillips; player of the band Styx who has an enormous on-line following. It was not the image he was going for! To this day he is still regularly tagged as the rock legend and has led some humorous Twitter campaigns to explain the difference. Curiously, he is as famous for his trademark hairstyle as for his history as he explains; “People think the hair is a trademark and it isn’t: I have a double-crown, so the bit in the middle has nowhere to go…it just sticks up! Due to that, I have to wreck it completely and wear it big. To this day, people think it’s a statement-piece, like the Ancient Aliens guy. Meanwhile, the history community and academic ‘old guard’ often take it for some kind of two-fingered salute, which it absolutely isn’t! That said it has actually worked to make me more identifiable and it actually helps with an audience. Being a forty year old with a twelve year old’s hairstyle means your audience underestimates you…you can surprise them more easily!”

Ricky is also a noted dog-lover and supporter of animal charities, with two of his own dogs; Tio-Pepe and Tullulah, the last a rescue from a kill-pound in Bosnia. In all, he supports thirteen charities dedicated to animals, veterans, those suffering with cancer and, as a PTSD sufferer himself, he dedicates a lot of his time to raising awareness of the illness.


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"The First Casualty - The Untold Story of the Falklands War" is the world's first three-sided first-person-narrative history, detailing the Argentine invasion of the Falkland Islands from the perspectives of the Royal Marines, the Argentine Marines and Special Forces and the people of Stanley who watched as the battle erupted on their very doorsteps. The resulting story is one never before told; not a tale of an ignominious surrender by the Royal Marines, but of a battle denied for political reasons which ranks alongside Rorke's Drift in terms of an exemplary last-ditch defence. With hundreds of accounts, dozens of photographs and physical proof, The First Casualty destroys the 'surrender myth' of April 2nd 1982 and explains a battle about which the world has remained ignorant since 1982, with praise from Declan Power - Author of 'Siege at Jadotville', Military Historian Angus Konstam and Professor Tony Pollard - Head of Conflict Archaeology at Glasgow University.




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