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Peter Mt. Shasta

After traveling extensively in India and meeting many advanced spiritual beings, Peter Mt. Shasta was contacted by an ascended master known as Saint Germain, and given teachings in how to manifest spiritual consciousness in daily life through meditation and the use of I AM Affirmations. His autobiographical series, Adventures of a Western Mystic,  reflects his personal experiences in trying to apply those teachings. He has also written other books on meditation and inner mastery.

AUTHOR: Peter Mt. Shasta

Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book ll

Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book ll
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Awakening from the dream of materialism, Peter journeyed to the Far East. In India he spent time with Ram Dass and his guru, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji), eventually traveling to the Himalayan foothills to live briefly with a disciple of Babaji. Later he traveled to Tibet and Egypt, but did not find his true path until Sathya Sai Baba instructed him to meditate on the I AM Consciousness–the source. After returning from the East, the Ascended Master known as Saint Germain, initiator of the Aquarian Age, materialized before him in Muir Woods, near San Francisco, and told him to go to Mount Shasta where he would meet his teacher. This was Pearl Dorris, a former assistant to Godfre Ray King (author of Unveiled Mysteries and the “I AM” Discourses). Vowing to accomplish the training that was offered and become Saint Germain’s apprentice, he went through years of instruction and experiences with the Masters, who occasionally appeared in physical form. These adventures are described in his autobiographical book, Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book ll:  Also read: Search for the Guru: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book l. His other books include: “I AM” the Open Door, spiritual discourses from Ascended Masters who appeared to him in visible form, and “I AM” Affirmations and the Secret of their Effective Use. Please view his website:



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Apprentice to the Masters: Adventures of a Western Mystic, Book ll  is the latest edition of the true story of encounters with enlightened beings known in the East as Bodhisattvas, who have attained the Rainbow Body, yet who can and do appear in whatever form they are needed to assist humanity. These are the Gods of ancient myth, known in the West as Ascended Masters. Here are the adventures of one individual as the Masters bring him face to face with his own Higher Self—the I AM Presence. When the Master known as Saint Germain materialized before Peter Mt. Shasta in Muir Woods, his life was forever changed. Although offered liberation, he chose to remain and serve the Masters in their mission of preparing humanity for the coming changes. Consequently, he was sent to a woman in Mount Shasta by the name of Pearl for instruction. His training led him not only to inner retreats, but also into the world of business and film making in Hollywood. Time and again the Masters force him to integrate the profoundest spiritual teachings into daily human life—often with hilarious and/or poignant results. —from the Foreword by Carl Marsak


Roy F. Peters

Through a series of circumstances I was led to this book, and then beyond. Once I started reading I could hardly put this book down. Peter shares his most personal experiences and feelings in a way the reader feels a part of his incredible journey. Peter's book led me to discover "The Mighty I Am Presence" and set me on my own journey of spiritual enlightenment.

R. Young

Adventures of a Western Mystic certainly has the potential to be a classic book, in the same mold as Autobiography of a Yogi, the personal story of Yogananda, or Search for the Miraculous, the meticulous biography of Gurgieff. It is, first and foremost, a page-turner adventure story, that takes the reader on an adventure stretching from Mt. Shasta, to a magnificent chateau on the shores of Lake Louise in Canada, to Tel Aviv, then to Athens, and from there to an encounter with Shirley McClaine in Beverly Hills. But the story detailed in the printed word on the page is not the real message of the book. True to all classics, there is a secret message here, and that is developing the mind to a heroic state of discipline and refinement to tap into a powerful Jungian archetype, the Ascended Master. It is a story of the immense power of unrelenting prayer and gratitude at the result of prayer answered. Peter finds his way out of virtual starvation in Athens, for example, through his prayers and faith in the power of his Master. He creates income for himself out of nothing, all through guidance from hidden sources. In his adventures, he confronts everything from being lost in the bone numbing cold of the far North to surviving an encounter with a sinister alien masquerading as a "trance channeler" catering to Hollywood personalities. It is a "must read" for initiates into the fascinating world of metaphysics and seasoned guides who think they have read everything and know all the answers. Peter Mt. Shasta comes up with more than a few new wrinkles that open up new horizons for his readers.



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