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Neil Wilson is a full time Primary Teacher and part-time author. He published his first book in 2015 after being challenged to write one by a friend whilst on a visit to Xian, China. He plans to write more but after becoming a Dad for the second time in January 2015, he thinks he might try his hand at a short picture book!

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I’m a Primary teacher in a flourishing Pre-Prep school in Hampshire, UK. It’s a joy and a privilege to teach (over 20 years experience) and is where I’ve gained an appreciation and love for children’s books and stories. 

I was brought up in Cardiff and my two claims to fame are attending the same school as Gareth Bale and having a drink with Lennox Lewis in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

I’m a Christian, married to Jifelane – the most wonderful woman in the world. She’s from Mindanao in the Philippines and we met online! 

I’m a proud dad to two beautiful children, Isaac and Hannah.

I’m much travelled, play guitar, write songs and enjoy fishing on a warm Spring or Summer day.

I’ve stumbled into writing late in life but have enjoyed every moment of the journey, so far. The seeds for writing a book were sown back in 2010 in a conversation I had with friends in Xian, China. Five years down the line, I’m as confident as I can be of being ready to publish my first story ‘Moondust’ as an eBook and via Create Space. I’ve started a blog called ‘rollercoasterstories’ on WordPress. I look forward to comments, feedback and above all, to making new ‘e-friends’ who love children’s stories just as much as me.


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Ed Frost is testing his brand new telescope on the nearby hills when he spots a shadowy figure. Unusually, the stranger stops walking, leaves something behind and returns the way he came. Ed and his best friend Bertie investigate. They struggle but finally find an old sack. Inside are two terrified Welsh terrier pups, left for dead. Ed names one Moondust and the other Meteor. Moondust soon becomes a much loved member of the family, while Meteor’s life hangs in the balance. By chance, Ed spots an advert for puppies in the local newspaper. He phones the number on the advert, pretending to be interested in buying a pup. The pups are being sold at a local farm. Ed and Bertie go to the farm on a spying mission. On the way they meet an old foe. He has been upset by his older brother who is renting the farm and selling the puppies in a heartless money-making business. The boys make an unexpected friendship and when they arrive to spy at the farm they are disgusted by what they see – bedraggled underfed pups, kept in dirty and cramped conditions – a cruel death camp for dogs. A courageous and daring race for life begins. Can they rescue the pups and bring the sinister operator to justice?


S Rowlands

I read this book to my son at a time when he could relate to much of the nature of the main character, Ed – i.e. around the same age, intelligent, full of dreams and ideas, but whose life was being blighted by a school bully resulting in a lack of confidence and a feeling of dread when going to school to face up to the scourge that was this bully, in Ed’s case, John Anderson, who seemed always to have it in for him. An interest in astronomy, the gift of a telescope, a chance sighting through that telescope on the moors and a series of adventures that led him to his favourite animal and best friend, the Welsh terrier, Moondust. Together with Ed’s mate Bertie they uncover some bad characters and practices and find themselves in danger before finally coming through. The increase of confidence shown by the main character due to the various experiences, decision makings and outcomes is evident. It presents the reader with some moral issues, in the area of how to stand up to a bully, decisions about right and wrong, and the thought processes and circumstances that go along with them. It shows the value of friendship and the bonds that can be relied upon, including the mother and father relationships as well as that of his friend Bertie and also the close bond with Moondust. This is a nicely written story that my son really enjoyed. He was always sad when the end of a chapter came and couldn’t wait for the next instalment at bed time story telling. For the parent, guardian or teacher, if you are looking for a story to read your child or are looking for a book for them to read that is pitched at a non-threatening level whilst keeping their interest flowing and giving them a good level of English grammar and comprehension (perhaps to bridge the gap between the children's fairy tale and more advanced teenage stories) then I recommend this. I have been able to relate certain parts of this story back to my son when confronted with issues much later after reading this book, so it can stand up to being a reference in that respect to some experiences that kids of that age often come up against and can lead to them opening up and explaining their feelings when so often children clam up and withdraw into themselves. It is a feel good book due to the entrance of the lovable dog and will help your child in their continual development. Buy it and see. You won’t be disappointed.


I found "Moondust" to be a delightful children's story. I read it to my kids and they were quite drawn to the plot as well. Since we absolutely adore animals, I was as much invested into this story as my seven-year-old was. The author excels in vividly creating a world between do-gooders and men who are willing to make a profit off the suffering of puppies. Very enticing and rewarding read! I highly recommend!



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