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May J. Panayi

I’m a writer and a voracious reader. I love to travel especially to the Greek islands and Cyprus where I have family, but everywhere too. I love to cook and invent recipes. I maybe love to eat what I cook a bit too much. I’m Greek Orthodox now, but used to be a Witch and High Priestess and run a coven. I’ve been writing since I was five and have now written nine books and am working on the tenth, horror this time. I love cats, but have not got any living with me just now since my little guy died in 2011 and broke my heart. I’m happily married to Chris since 1995. We have no kids. I live in central Brighton and write looking out of the window at the sea. My last three books have been fiction, firstly short stories then two novels.

AUTHOR: May J. Panayi

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Sun Sea and Secrets

Sun Sea and Secrets
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May J. Panayi has published nine books and is close to finishing the tenth. She has been interviewed in local and national magazines. Her First book A 21st Century Coven is a factual book about modern witchcraft. An interview about this book will be appearing in the October 2015 edition of Chat It’s Fate magazine. Her second book was a book of photography and the history of Woodvale cemetery in Brighton. After that she published a book of Poetry called Pain, Poems, Prayers and Passion. Her next book was a collection of essays and comic sketches on a diverse range of topics called Muses and Meanderings. May J. Panayi put her love of cooking together with a brief look at Christianity, in a recipe book called Christian Celebrations Cookery. Next came a book of stories designed to be read to children at bedtime, with a view to instilling ethics and morals, called Bedtime Storybook. This was followed by a book of short stories called Oddscapes and Quirkitudes, which is a collection of rather outre and sometimes dark, short stories. Her first novel Four To Dawn is an exploration of the female psyche, from quite an unusual perspective, and with a big twist at the end. Her most recent novel Sun Sea and Secrets is set in Greece, and is the story of a woman’s search for long lost family. It is also a love affair with all things Greek, especially the landscape and the food. May is currently finishing a horror novel about a haunted block of flats. Read more at her website where there are links to buy everything mentioned.


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Set on a beautiful Greek island in the sun, this is a tale of mystery and searching. Ella is looking for someone whose name she does not even know. The islanders are friendly and welcoming, but everyone, it seems, has a secret of their own. The island is paradise, but what secrets does paradise hide under stunning vistas, and overwhelming scents? Can Ella find who she is searching for? Will she find the answers she needs? What else will she find along the way? 
A story of Love in all its forms, love of Greece, love between past characters, new love between friends, cats, nature, and of food.




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  1. This book was an absolute joy to read. It kept taking me back to the Greek Islands, especially the segments about food. And as for the descriptions of the scenery …

    Please May, I’d like some more.


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