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Mary Stevenson

Imagine waiting for your sweetheart to return from an intense war zone for over a year, and planning your future together, only to have him skyjack an airplane and shatter all those plans.  Much has been written about the “wounded warriors” but not enough about the “wounded waiters.”  At the tender age of 22, Mary Stevenson sat in federal court and heard the judge pronounce a 30 year sentence on the man she loved.  Years of more waiting for his release from prison ensued, but that trauma is what pushed her onto her spiritual path to change her life for the better.

AUTHOR: Mary Stevenson

FALLING OVER RENO: The True Story of the Skyjacker's Wife

FALLING OVER RENO: The True Story of the Skyjacker's Wife
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Mary Stevenson’s life has had a strong spiritual focus since the age of 23 when she was taught to meditate at the Reno TM Center. She became a TM teacher on April 13, 1976, after six months of training in Europe. From the early 1970’s, Mary organized or helped run meditation centers around the country, including in Reno, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Boulder, Colorado. She also spent four years in the spiritual community of Fairfield, Iowa. For many years, she regularly attended large world peace assemblies around the country to enjoy big group meditations with thousands of other TM practitioners from around the world.

She began studying Vedic Astrology in 1988, in order to understand why such life-changing major events occurred in her early life. These studies led to Mary giving much support, understanding and guidance to many thousands of people over the years, through her individual readings. She continues to provide Vedic Astrology sessions to clients near and far, which include the added value of her innate intuitive abilities.

She has special memories of her 18 years in Boulder, Colorado, hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with so many dear friends there. Mary currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she enjoys attending yoga classes and being in Nature, hiking in the unique natural beauty of the Red Rock formations. In this, her first book, Mary shares the experiences of the special fourteen year period of her early life, for its potential to inspire others who may be going through a challenging or confusing time.



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This fascinating book by Mary Stevenson presents the true story of the June 2, 1972 skyjacking of United Flight 239 from Reno International Airport. Mary waited faithfully for her boyfriend Robb Heady to come home from his year of military service in Vietnam. She did not suspect that he would skyjack an airplane shortly after his return. His crime ended their plans to create a happy life together. This true crime story offers an in-depth look at the understanding Mary gained throughout the ordeal, and how this event was to thrust her onto her spiritual path. Here is a love story offering readers the example of how hope, courage, determination, and unconditional love can help people get through even the most profound calamities. We can take inspiration as we read this story and see what it took for Mary to wait for Robb during his years in prison, so that she could eventually become The Skyjacker's Wife.


Ron Huffmeier

I really liked the author’s engaging breezy fast-paced style. After I started the book I really didn’t want to put it down. The author obviously has a big heart and penetrating insight into life’s lessons. She is both brave and honest, with impressive personal strengths. This inspiring story gives quite an interesting perspective on meditation, Vedic astrology and spirituality. This was my best read in a long, long time.

Suzanne Penton

The raw emotion in this story makes Ms. Stevenson's book an intriguing and compelling read. It is a refreshingly unique true crime story, in which she skillfully reveals how deeply these events affected her life and times. The author shows tremendous courage to be so open about this dramatic and difficult time in her life, so that others may benefit from her experience and gain strength to carry on with their personal challenges. Like an arrow shot directly into the center of a target, the author's unflinching purpose and passion were driven by a dedicated heart and a unfaltering desire to redeem the love of her life.



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