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Mark Binmore is a leading successful and award nominated author who has published six short story and prose collections and two novels.  Mark is the author of Simply Divine – two books in one  – two fictional biographies of people that never existed written against a world that did exist.

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Simply Divine.

Simply Divine.
13: 978-1505611014
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Mark Binmore (born 1971) is a British novelist, author of Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets and many other books. In 2015 Mark was ranked one of Britain’s 100 new influential LGBT writers.  It was declared that ‘he is widely regarded as one of Britain’s most promising novelists, quite regardless of sexuality‘.  Some of the novels by Mark Binmore are engaged in the excavation of secret histories in the teasing out and restoration of events that have taken place beneath the surface of societyMark was the subject of Tour De Europa (2015) a book by Chris Henson who followed Mark on his book tour and wrote an observational account of a new author on the road. 

Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets (2014) is a fictional memoir of a beautiful, bright young thing Stephen Wallingford.  Flitting between the past and present, an account of loss, love, regret is explained through the means of an interview.  The book was nominated for two international book awards and is currently being adapted for film.  A Life Of Parties (2015) takes up one character featured in Trumpets, Agatha Dewsbury and her life story is presented as a fictional biography.  In her short life, Agatha Dewsbury changed from a suburban daughter to a darling of the newspaper gossip pages only to be scandalized and shamefully snubbed and ignored by friends and common folk alike.   Both Trumpets and Parties were published together in one special edition Simply Divine (2015).

A Sorta Fairytale (2015) brings together his complete collection of short stories and prose with new liner notes.  The collection features all works previously published in Even When Tonight Is Over (2010), The Hair Of The Hound (2011), Hounds Of Winter (2013) Jig Of Life (2014) Soon Before The Sun (2014) and Ember Asleep (2014).  Jig Of Life was published in USA and Canada as The J. 

Take Down The Flags (2016) gives stories, poems and memories from May 1945 and has reflections of war from both sides, a chance to look back, to echo on a period of conflict., to laugh, to cry, to relive the pain, the sorrow and the gratitude, but most of all,  to make you live again.   

Two novels are currently in the works are Simple Pleasures and Glamour-Queen Of Excess alongside two collections of recipes, Christmas and Kitchen and a co-authored project with Jim Harm provisionally titled Kiss The Sky.   Mark has also published two memoirs, In Search Of The Fabulous People (2013) and Reflections – Through The Orb Window (2016).  Initial copies of Ember Asleep came with a bonus music disc titled Aspects Of Ember Asleep featuring six pieces set to music. 


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"Agatha, what are you doing here?”
“You invited me for the weekend, remember?”
“But how could you be so cruelly literal, darling?”

Stephen Wallingford & Agatha Dewsbury

Stephen Wallingford died intestate in 1990, aged 86, and has in recent times become a cult figure. He appears in numerous biographies about the 1920s and 1930s and was the model and inspiration for the 1938 dramatic novel by George Headland Those Beautiful, Beautiful People.   In his early youth he entertained his friends at his family home of Arches and it was here he lived for many years until his death.   He was photographed by many of the greatest artistes of his time and become one of the typical images of 1920s and 1930s "beautiful" young people.  He would be seen with painted lips, powder on his face and gold dust sprinkled through his hair.  But putting aside all the endless parties and various love affairs, Stephen was actually a very lonely man.  Disowned later in life by his two sisters he survived on the friendships of few people including his mother and socialite and fellow writer Agatha Dewsbury.  Like Stephen, Agatha sought freedom and expression in her writings and published works which are all still in print today.   Later in life Stephen became a former shadow of himself, a recluse, obese…Agatha remained young, the ultimate party girl, a drunk, a loser in love. 

But there is one small problem. 

Stephen Wallingford and Agatha Dewsbury did not exist, nor did any of his contemporaries featured in this book, for the brutal reason that he was never born.   The stories are fake and the news never happened.  This is something new and strange - a fictionalized retrospective, part interview, part biographical about unreal people set in a real world.




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