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Malcolm Colley

Malcolm Colley is a South African author of fast moving historical novels. Writer of:

Zachariah: The Boer Diamond

Ignasius: The Boer Gold

Dorothea: The Boer Treasure

AUTHOR: Malcolm Colley

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Dorothea: The Boer Treasure

Dorothea: The Boer Treasure
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The author was born in South Africa in1942 and spent his teens of the 1950’s on a small farm just outside Naboomspruit in the Northern Province of South Africa, during which time he came to love the sounds, smells and sights of the bush. He did his basic training with 1st Special Service Battalion in Bloemfontein and has happy memories of army life in the bush. He also spent twenty five years training in the martial arts.

During his work in a steel mill and underground in a diamond mine, he yearned to be back in the bush and although his profession was Project Manager, his love of the bush remained. It was during this time that the in-depth research into his first novel – Zachariah:The Boer Diamond – began.

After a successful publishing, the research for this second work began.

This, the third book, delves into the resting place of the lost gold.

Malcolm now lives with his wife, Lorraine, in Horsham, England when not travelling back to South Africa as an excuse for research on his next book.




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When Kruger’s millions in gold bullion went missing toward the end of the Second Boer War, the ships carrying the arms and ammunition from Europe to the Boers turned back to Europe.

Shaun Barron, visiting his grandfather on his deathbed, in England, a hundred years later, hears the story of the gold’s disappearance.

Tracing events of his great-grandfather and great-grandmother’s adventures, he is able to track the events of the Dorothea, the American ship carrying the stolen gold, which was lost in a storm. He also learns of the exact location of the ship-wreck.

Another twist enters the story. Shaun is witness to an attempted murder on the life of a young lady on the London Underground by her half uncle. Shaun, first unwillingly, gets involved in the intrigue of Juliette’s life.

The distraction follows him and his friend Josh, together with his father, to the shores of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Shaun is drawn to Juliette and feels that their lives are becoming intertwined.

During the diving off St Lucia, the true story of the gold struggles to make itself known.

The kidnapping of his friend Rick’s wife bring things to a head and exposes the plot against Juliette with a shoot-out in an office in Mtubatuba.

Josh is wounded and must rely on his father and friends to continue with the treasure hunt.

But what part does the sniper, DeWalt, play in the whole scheme of things?






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