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M I Quandour

I am an author and film maker. Most of my work is historical fiction and some of it can be found under my name on Barnes & Noble and Amazon websites. I also enjoy writing fiction. My latest historical work is “The Plot” story of Sultan BadulhamidII of the Ottoman Turkey. My latest fiction is “Sunset of Innocense” published in May 2015.

AUTHOR: M I Quandour

Sunset Of Innocense

Sunset Of Innocense
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M.I. Quandour

About the Author

Mohydeen Quandour, Author, composer and film producer/director of Circassian origins, is a veteran filmmaker and author of 16 historical novels published in the USA, the UK and translated into several other languages, including Russian, Arabic and Turkish.

M I Quandour combined his varied career between business and the creative fields, often interchanging between them over a period of many years. He began his business career in New York with J.W.T  (Advertising films) and later with Bristol Myers International in New York. Later he became an established Consultant to many multinational organizations in Europe, the USA and Japan. He moved into the creative fields in television in New York with the MPO studios and then to Hollywood as a screenwriter and film director. His recent film productions include “Cherkess” 2010, “The Prisoner” 2012 and “A Facebook Romance” 2013.

M I Quandour is a novelist with 16 historical novels published in Europe, The Middle East, Russia and USA, all available on and Barns & Noble. His most popular literary works are ‘The Kavkas Trilogy’ (Bestseller in the Russian Federation), ‘Revolution’, ‘The Last Hunt’, and ‘Iraq-Desert Crossings’.

His latest publications include “Robina” 2013, “Family” 2014 and “The Flying Cavalry-Story of Cherkess Ethem” 2014.

 He is also a classical music composer whose recent works are published by Marimba Musikverlag in Munich, Germany and are being performed in Russia, Japan and in many European venues.

Quandour resides in Windsor, United Kingdom but travels extensively for research of his novels. He has a PhD in History and a Master of International Studies.



Sunset of Innocence

A drama of coming of age for a young English teenager visiting his author uncle in Turkey.  The uncle is a war correspondent who becomes a best selling author and then falls on bad times as an alcoholic. A Turkish General friend helps him to take a lecturer job at the Akdeniz University in Antalya. But he soon seduces a university student and is kicked out of the university with her. The two lovers end up at the sheep farm of the retired General and unusual events begin to emerge, especially with the Doberman dog the author had brought over with him from London. Mystery, intrigue and the paranormal are intertwined in this drama of passion and lust putting an end to all innocence




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