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Lyneal Jenkins

Lyneal Jenkins is the acclaimed author of the Award Winning, Bestselling Ana Martin Series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis–a race of empathic beings who evolved millions of years before–leaving her to fight for her life and all that she holds dear. 

AUTHOR: Lyneal Jenkins

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Night of the Fae (Ana Martin Series # 1)

Night of the Fae (Ana Martin Series # 1)
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Lyneal Jenkins was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1980. In 1996, she left home to become a Medic in the British Army. After three years, she resigned the forces to start a family and begin her work with learning disabilities, which is when she was diagnosed with bipolar depression.

After a failed marriage, she moved to Spain for eighteen months with her children, taking time to reflect on where she wanted her life to go. Since returning to the UK, she began her studies towards becoming a Psychologist.

In February 2011, she sat down at the laptop with one sentence and a basic concept in mind, with no idea that she was embarking on the biggest project of her life. Night of the Fae quickly became a novel and it wasn’t long before the next three books in the series were written up. The series is predicted to be approximately seven books long, but as Lyneal says, ‘The characters have a habit fo doing exactly what they please, and I have long given up trying to predict where they are going to take me.’.

To date, Night of the Fae received Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards for Cross-genre and Finalist in the Readers Favorite Awards for Fantasy. All four books in the Ana Martin Series have received the Readers Favorite Five Star seal. The Ana Martin Series continues to receive praise from readers and bestselling authors from around the globe.

Lyneal is currently living with her partner in North Yorkshire along with their seven children. Each day is a balance between normal life and writing. She couldn’t be happier.



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Intl. Multiple Award Winning, Bestselling Novel 

“I love you,” he murmured as the wisps of light returned to his body. 

What he didn’t say was that his love came with a heavy price and life was never going to be the same again. 

Twenty-six-year-old Ana Martin has a past she is trying to forget. When she meets Gabriel, she believes that she can finally leave her troubles behind her. But Gabriel has a secret… 

He may look human and be born of this world, but he is Siis - a race who evolved millions of years ago to a transcendent state, who now take solid form to hide among us. 

When the homeless start dying at an abandoned Tannery, the police chalk it up to suicides. Ana knows different. The Siis have a secret, a past mistake they would rather forget, one that puts Ana in more danger than she can ever comprehend. 

Before long, she becomes a target for the Fae, once innocent children changed by the Siis thousands of years before. They are able to intensify and feed off the negative emotions of their prey, and are filled with malicious intent that has no bounds. 

Can Ana survive the world of the Siis? More importantly, can she do it with her mind still intact? 

Night of the Fae is the first book in the Ana Martin series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis, an ancient race of empathic beings torn apart by war, treachery and the consequences of past actions. 


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Shane Dunphy - Bestselling author of Wednesday's Child

“Written with an energy and imagination that can leave you breathless, the Ana Martin series is a work of supreme fantasy and vision. Boasting a likable, strongly realized heroine and a world that is at once fantastic and thrilling yet wholly believable, the Ana Martin series is one of those rare reading experiences that just draws you in and won't let you go until the final page is turned. Jenkins's Siis are deftly drawn: fighting, loving and laughing with emotion that leaps from the text, while her Fae are truly chilling: nightmare creations that bring a genuine shiver to the spine. Jenkins crosses genres with a sure touch, compressing mystery, the supernatural, romance and procedural crime into a genuinely compelling narrative. Ana Martin is a name that will certainly go down in the annals of not just fantasy literature, but of classic characters in general, and Lyneal Jenkins is, without doubt, a figure to watch in the world of publishing. Read Ana Martin now and find a universe you will want to return to again and again.”

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Melinda Hills

Many of us have strange sensations from time to time but for Ana Martin, there is an amazing explanation – she is connected to a race of special beings through her love for Gabriel, a member of the Siis. Night of the Fae is volume one in the Ana Martin series by Lyneal Jenkins and introduces Ana, as well as Gabriel and other members of his race. Ana has special abilities herself, in addition to a problem with bipolar disorder, but Gabriel’s presence helps her deal with both. As the first human to be affected by the presence of Siis powers, no one knows exactly what will happen. One thing is for certain, though – Ana’s life will never be the same because the evil Fae hunt her as a means to get to Gabriel. Ana tries her best to keep up with her normal life, but will things ever really be the same? Well-paced and engaging, Night of the Fae by Lyneal Jenkins is the perfect supernatural/fantasy read. Ana, Gabriel and the other characters are carefully developed and realistic in spite of the supernatural nature of some of them. Following their love, hate and trials keeps the pages turning. It is quite easy to get caught up in the swirling emotions that allow you to feel what Ana is feeling. Night of the Fae is a complete book with a conclusion to this part of the story that leads smoothly and naturally into the second volume, Hidden Light. It is certainly well worth the time and is sure to please.



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