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Lyneal Jenkins

Lyneal Jenkins is the acclaimed author of the Award Winning, Bestselling Ana Martin Series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis–a race of empathic beings who evolved millions of years before–leaving her to fight for her life and all that she holds dear. 

AUTHOR: Lyneal Jenkins

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Frozen Flame (Ana Martin Series # 3)

Frozen Flame (Ana Martin Series # 3)
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Lyneal Jenkins was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1980. In 1996, she left home to become a Medic in the British Army. After three years, she resigned the forces to start a family and begin her work with learning disabilities, which is when she was diagnosed with bipolar depression.

After a failed marriage, she moved to Spain for eighteen months with her children, taking time to reflect on where she wanted her life to go. Since returning to the UK, she began her studies towards becoming a Psychologist.

In February 2011, she sat down at the laptop with one sentence and a basic concept in mind, with no idea that she was embarking on the biggest project of her life. Night of the Fae quickly became a novel and it wasn’t long before the next three books in the series were written up. The series is predicted to be approximately seven books long, but as Lyneal says, ‘The characters have a habit fo doing exactly what they please, and I have long given up trying to predict where they are going to take me.’.

To date, Night of the Fae received Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards for Cross-genre and Finalist in the Readers Favorite Awards for Fantasy. All four books in the Ana Martin Series have received the Readers Favorite Five Star seal. The Ana Martin Series continues to receive praise from readers and bestselling authors from around the globe.


Lyneal is currently living with her partner in North Yorkshire along with their seven children. Each day is a balance between normal life and writing. She couldn’t be happier.


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There are many people that want Ana dead. None of them have been human...until now. 

Nathan is back and he is looking for her. After all, she did testify against him for murder. 

In order to hide, Ana travels to Maria’s family in America. She expects to be safe in a household of witches. However, there are conflicts within the witch clan, and Ana’s presence only aggravates the situation. 

Her troubles have merely begun though, leaving Ana to wonder… 

Are the Siis the root of her problems, or is she merely a magnet for trouble? 

FROZEN FLAME, is the third book in the Ana martin series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis, an ancient race of empathic beings torn apart by war, treachery and the consequences of past actions.


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Melinda Hills

Ana Martin’s life continues to become more and more complicated in Frozen Flame, the third volume in the Ana Martin Series by Lyneal Jenkins. Refusing to think of Gabriel and wanting more from Adam that she knows he can’t give, Ana understands that she has to depend on herself to learn more about her abilities and to grow stronger. With plenty of help from Maria, Ana deals with even bigger problems with Detective Creed, the Fae and the American witches who make up Maria’s family. As if that’s not enough, Ana learns that Nathan, her ex-husband, plans to escape from jail and knows beyond any doubt that he will be targeting her. Finally understanding some of the connections between Maria’s family and the Siis, as well as learning more from Eris, Ana has a better idea of what she is facing. Unfortunately, there is still a lot she does not know and that could just get her killed. Without Gabriel and Adam, how is Ana going to stay out of trouble since it always seems to find her, especially with new players in the game? From her home in England to a visit to Maria’s family in the US and then some surprise accommodations in a secret military complex, Ana spends a lot of time travelling in Frozen Flame, Ana Martin Series #3 by Lyneal Jenkins. The action is just as intense as in the first two volumes, and the feelings are deeper, richer and more volatile as Ana is forced to endure unspeakable injury and emotional turmoil. Ana is not sure what she is becoming and her personal introspection provides a look into the depths of her soul. This story is truly riveting and you just can’t put the book down as you become engrossed in the action, feeling as though you are right there with the characters. I loved it.

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Cindy Sharber

Well in this book, Ana is back to be followed by her ex-husbands partner (Creed) which creates more problems for her. When Ana finds drugs that have been hidden in her home, she knows that Creed has planted them. She and Maria go to Creed's apartment and find out that he has been stalking her longer than she knew about and that he is helping her ex Nathan escape during a prison transfer. Things just get worse, when she & Maria try to foil the escape plan they end up paralysed by a Torreen that is helping Nathan. Then to try and get some space, Ana goes to America with Maria thinking that she will be safe with a house of witches to find she only aggravates the situation. When Maria get hurt badly, has to have brain surgery, after making sure Maria is going to be ok, Anna heads back home to end up in trouble once again. But this time it's gonna take Gaberial to help her out with a few more friends. And much more, but I hate to put to much, I really want you to read the book and be excited by it like I was, and I couldn't put it down.



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