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Lyneal Jenkins is the acclaimed author of the Award Winning, Bestselling Ana Martin Series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis–a race of empathic beings who evolved millions of years before–leaving her to fight for her life and all that she holds dear. 

AUTHOR: Lyneal Jenkins

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Hidden Light (Ana Martin Series # 2)

Hidden Light (Ana Martin Series # 2)
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Lyneal Jenkins was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1980. In 1996, she left home to become a Medic in the British Army. After three years, she resigned the forces to start a family and begin her work with learning disabilities, which is when she was diagnosed with bipolar depression.

After a failed marriage, she moved to Spain for eighteen months with her children, taking time to reflect on where she wanted her life to go. Since returning to the UK, she began her studies towards becoming a Psychologist.

In February 2011, she sat down at the laptop with one sentence and a basic concept in mind, with no idea that she was embarking on the biggest project of her life. Night of the Fae quickly became a novel and it wasn’t long before the next three books in the series were written up. The series is predicted to be approximately seven books long, but as Lyneal says, ‘The characters have a habit fo doing exactly what they please, and I have long given up trying to predict where they are going to take me.’.

To date, Night of the Fae received Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards for Cross-genre and Finalist in the Readers Favorite Awards for Fantasy. All four books in the Ana Martin Series have received the Readers Favorite Five Star seal. The Ana Martin Series continues to receive praise from readers and bestselling authors from around the globe.


Lyneal is currently living with her partner in North Yorkshire along with their seven children. Each day is a balance between normal life and writing. She couldn’t be happier.


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Ana believes that Gabriel's departure will keep her out of harm’s way; little does she know that it is too late for that. She already contains some of Gabriel's Shi which allows her to sense the bad intent of others. This ensures that wherever she goes, trouble will find her. After a run in with a local psychopath and more dealings with the Fae, she finally resides herself to the fact that life has changed. 

Then children start going missing from the local area, leaving the police mystified as it appears a different person is taking each one. Against her better judgement and with the help of Maria, a natural witch with a stubborn personality, she decides to investigate. 

Suddenly, she is drawn further into the world of the Siis and Ana finally realises that her troubles have only just begun.

Hidden Light is the second book in the Ana martin series, which follows Ana as she is drawn into the secret world of the Siis, an ancient race of empathic beings torn apart by war, treachery and the consequences of past actions. 


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Melinda Hills

Discovering inner strength she never knew she had, Ana Martin tries to go about her normal life, even though things around her are far from normal. Ana is constantly on guard while her natural empathic abilities let her ‘read’ the intentions of others - and because of this, she always finds trouble. Beginning with a young woman imprisoned in a basement and then another girl intimidated by her abusive boyfriend, Ana gets involved and kicks butt. This is in definite contrast to the weak woman she used to be until her husband Nathan went too far and was convicted of murder. Hidden Light, Volume #2 in the Ana Martin series by British author Lyneal Jenkins, continues the story of Ana, her friend Maria who is a witch, and the Siis Adam who is to protect her from forces bent on killing her. Both Ana and Maria are drawn deeper into an ages-old conflict and work together to protect the weak and save each other. While investigating the disappearance of local children, the conflict between the Others and the Siis grows more heated, and the involvement of military personnel makes the situation all the more complicated. Will Ana be able to depend on the few Siis she believes are her friends or is she really alone as an outcast? Intense emotion and dramatic action are the key elements of Hidden Light, Volume #2 in the Ana Martin series by Lyneal Jenkins. Ana’s soul searching leads to tremendous personal growth as she learns to depend more on herself than on others, making her a wonderful, realistic female character. Her imperfections are what make her truly believable and you can’t help but laugh, cry and cheer along with her as she stumbles from one adventure into the next. Once you open this book, it is virtually impossible to put it down! The best part is knowing that there is more to come.

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Top Amazon reviewer - Manchester

Hidden Light easily has one of the most exciting and interesting plots in a book that I have come across in a long, long time. I found it easy to connect and identify with Ana and I could relate with her struggle in my own weird way, always wanting her to prevail even in the parts where it seemed like she might not make it..This reminds me, the author does a good job of keeping the reader 'on edge' right before something is about to happen - it's the type of suspense that you feel in a really good thriller book, yet with the author's own twist and with the obvious fantasy vibe. It's not hard to conclude that Lyneal Jenkins is a truly talented writer so I will definitely be checking out what else she has to offer and I recommend any other fantasy fans to do the same.



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