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Lyn J Pickering

Lyn J Pickering is a South African fiction writer.  She has written three books; Opus Dei, Nimrod Twice Born, and Betrayal of Fools.  All three are multi-layered, mystery thrillers with a Middle Eastern focus and a strong factual background.  Opus Dei and Nimrod Twice Born are also available in three parts on Kindle.

AUTHOR: Lyn J Pickering

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Nimrod Twice Born

Nimrod Twice Born
ISBN-13: 978-0620500579
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Lyn J Pickering hitch-hiked from London to Beirut with her brother in the early ’70’s and fell instantly in love with the Middle East. At that time tourism was not at a great height – at least not in the mountain areas where they lived, and the people were warm and hospitable. They stayed in an ancient house that clung to the hillside in a village called Shimlan, below which were silver/green olive groves and, way beyond, Beirut lay like pink coral with one arm reaching out in the Mediterranean Sea.

She left the Middle East behind reluctantly, made a bit of money waitressing in London and travelled back to South Africa overland with a small group. At this stage, Lyn Pickering was writing only poetry and a shaky travelogue dictated by the rough terrain. 

Her first novel, The Single Leaf, from a poem by the Lebanese writer, Khalil Gibran, was drawn out of a deep sense of impotence as she watched the civil war from a distance – a land engaged in a death struggle.   The final typewritten draft was despatched to a publisher in Lebanon and never heard of again.  

Using the basis of The Single Leaf as a starting point, Lyn began work on Opus Dei a few years later. Nimrod Twice Born developed in parallel, the two books taking more than 30 years to the point of publication.  Her understanding of the strange twists and turns of world events was developing as she researched the books, and every “finish” was met with the realisation that there was still more to be revealed. 

Lyn is married, has six children and six grand-children and now lives in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal. 


Author Book

Nimrod Twice Born interweaves the dramatic events of Israel at the time of Jesus Christ with a World War II conspiracy thriller.     

The skills of a Magician, Simon Magus, win him the favour of the wife of Herod Antipas.  The magician initiates a conspiracy so intricate and so far-seeing that it will only reach its climax in our time. 

Matthias von Ingolstadt leaves the horror of the trenches behind at the close of the World War I and returns to a Germany humiliated by the events that have left the country bankrupt and vulnerable. He meets and falls in love with Anna Lejkin, a Jew.  What follows appears to solve their racial differences but ultimately leads to discovery, manipulation and disaster. 

A Jew in Frankfurt, Germany, Michael Segal is caught up in the events preceding the war.  His friendship with Gabriele have far-reaching consequences for them both. 

Heinrich Himmler, the future SS leader of the Third Reich, forms a relationship with Ernst Röhm a battle-hardened veteran of WWI who has a penchant for young men. He promises Himmler the one thing he most desires – power. 

 The Baptist’s Head is an intricate story of love, romance, witch-craft, power and intrigue.  Lyn J Pickering employs history’s trail of circumstantial evidence to combine both Christian conspiracy and historical fiction in one bizarre and riveting package.



Rita Bodington

A lot of research was put into this book. The history, the mystery, the plot, the riddle, makes it a remarkable achievement.



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