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Louise Maria has been writing for several years in a number of genres to include: crime fiction, contemporary fiction, romantic fiction, non fiction, self help and poetry. The most popular series I have written to date is  Gangland Empire. There are 4 books in this series; entitled ‘Gangland Empire The Beginning – 1. Gangland Empire Changing Times – 2. Gangland Empire Almost There – 3. Gangland Empire Testing Loyalties – 4. 

AUTHOR: Louise Maria

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Gangland Empire The Beginning 1

Gangland Empire The Beginning 1
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Louise Maria has a background in training and development; but has for some years been writing full time. On average she produces three books a year with between 450 – 800 pages in each novel. Her main genre is crime fiction; but she has also written contemporary fiction, non fiction, self help and poetry. This writer has a way of pulling you so far into her stories that other more important things fall by the wayside; and your most important mission becomes downloading or ordering a paperback version of her next book. A common theme with the Gangland series is that readers will read the first few chapters; and then immediately place another order for the other three in the series. Unusually she is quite driven by customer feedback; and this is demonstrated by the existence of the 4th book in the Gangland Empire series. She originally intended it to be a trilogy; but wrote the fourth and final book by popular request. The same could be said for Book 1 in the London Family series; which came about as a result of readers wanting more after the Gangland series ended. Unfortunately she has been unable to complete the rest of the London Family series due to spending a huge amount of time producing 2nd editions of most of her books; and also editing manuscripts for other authors. In addition to this she has been involved in setting up an online website which sells hand knitted fashionable clothing in extra small, extra long and extra large sizes. Despite the heavy workload (22 hours per day), she has still managed to produce two new titles this year – Dishonour – Vices & Virtues; and also Revenge – Vices & Virtues. These books are also part of a series but are not follow on books; so can be read in any order. It is anticipated that later this year there will be a 2nd edition in The London Family series, and other books to quickly follow in this series.  There are also some discussions underway about the Gangland Empire series; with a view to turning the series into a movie or a television series next year. Until then she is once more dedicating herself to writing the books you all love to read.

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South East London based fictional story of Marie Barker a young woman from a comfortable and quite sheltered background; who meets Tel a gangland crime boss. Anybody could be forgiven for thinking that their relationship was destined to fail.  They are proved wrong when  the couple marry. After returning from honeymoon; Tel decides to put his foot down and let Marie know what is expected of her as a gangland wife. He wants to start as he means to go on; and let her know that he is the boss. He thinks nothing of it when he gives her a slap to define her submissive status; but her reaction towards him comes as a massive shock. The wife that he believed was classy and feminine retaliates viciously; and with a physical strength that shocks him. When she then makes  it clear that she is determined to stand right beside him as head of firm; he agrees; but even he could never have anticipated what really lay behind her cool exterior. 




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