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Kendra Olson

Kendra Olson is the author of the historical fiction novel ebook, The Forest King’s Daughter (Pilrig Press 2015), which is about a young woman who emigrates from Sweden to America in the nineteenth century and is told through the lens of a fairy tale. 

AUTHOR: Kendra Olson

The Forest King's Daughter

The Forest King's Daughter
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Kendra Olson is the author of the historical fiction novel, The Forest King’s Daughter, which is published by Pilrig Press as an ebook. She has recently completed her MLitt in Creative Writing from The University of Glasgow. Prior to this she attended the online writing school,, as well as taking writing courses at CityLit in central London, where she learned a lot about the craft of writing and how to approach it. 

In addition to writing novels she enjoys writing short stories and creative non-fiction, including book reviews, some of which have featured in the regional Scottish magazine, Lothian Life. When Kendra is not writing she enjoys spending time with her cats and reading as many books as possible. 

She is currently working on a new novel.

You can connect with Kendra via her website:

Twitter: @KendrarOlson



The year is 1886 and Swedish teenager, Ingrid Andersdotter, is about to face a series of life-changing events. When Ingrid forgets to close the barn door one freezing cold night, there will be dire consequences for her family. To make matters worse, her attraction to the new school teacher leads to ostracism and shame. Ingrid’s strong opinions and the pressure of the powerful village church to conform to ideas she doesn’t believe in put her at odds with her traditional community. 

Her only option is to leave her home and family. But is she brave enough to make an ocean crossing to a strange new land on her own, leaving everything she knows far behind? And will she find the freedom she dreams of if she takes such a risk? 

Told through the lens of a Swedish fairy tale, this epic coming-of-age story, is both a page-turning personal account of one feisty young woman’s determination to seek a better life, and the tale of many single women who emigrated from Sweden to America in the 19th century. 


Anne Hamilton

A Wonderful Story Set initially in 19th century Sweden and ending in the American State of Minnesota,The Forest King's Daughter tells the story of 16 year old Ingrid, whose desire to stand up for what she believes in leads to an epic journey - especially for this innocent daughter of poor farming folk. It's a story with several dimensions: part historical novel, part romance and part adventure; all are perfectly balanced for a well-rounded and very readable first novel from Kendra Olson. Ingrid is a strong and engaging character, and whilst this is her story, it's also very much the story of hundreds of young women like her who have felt compelled to leave home and face the unknown in a foreign land. It's this that helps make the story so compelling. There is humour, despair, hope and challenge; a great story. You will travel with Ingrid - and find yourself thinking about her long after the novel is finished.

Mrs C Gault

This is a great debut novel by Kendra Olson. It is set in 19th century Sweden and stars Ingrid, the 16 year-old daughter of a poor farming family in Varmland. Ingrid is a great character. She is a strong, resilient and principled young woman who is forced to leave her family to work in Stockholm after becoming embroiled in a scandal involving her schoolteacher. It's impossible not to root for her throughout her travails in Varmland and in Stockholm as she struggles against the restraints imposed not just by social expectation and powerful religious figures but also by her poverty. Despite seemingly insurmountable difficulties, Ingrid determines to make her way to a new and better life in America. The depiction of her epic journey and life aboard ship is beautifully realised and the ending very satisfying. A thoroughly enjoyable read.



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