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K.J.Port is a new self published author in the UK.  Her books are fantasy fiction aimed at preteens however many adults have read and loved her book and are eagerly awaiting the release of book 2.  “The Jewel of Dahleigh” Series takes her readers into a world called “Dahleigh”. A world that brings 2 children from our world to join “Beau” The Princess of the fairies of Dahleigh on a Quest that will earn her, her colours and her wings.  Little do they realise that on the way they are to meet a whole aray of mythical creatures that all join them on the quest but soon their world will be turned upside down.


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"The Jewel of Dahleigh" ..... The Quest

"The Jewel of Dahleigh" ..... The Quest
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Born Kelly Holmes in Essex September 1977 only daughter to Philip and Sandie. Kelly has two older brothers and enjoys having an extended family with nieces and nephews and 3 children of her own a teenage son, teenage daughter and a young toddler son. Kelly recently got married to her soul mate hence now making her a Port. Having spent most of her adult life as a single parent to her two older children, Kelly decided to persue her passion in writing and in 2004 wrote the first book in “The Jewel of Dahleigh” series, which she hopes will consist of 5 main books. writing the first book took Kelly on the most amazing personal Journey. She always had a fascination in all things mythical and magical so this genre of book was where her heart lied, the book had been in her head since she was a little girl and finally she decided to get it to paper. Kelly tried for a short time to get her first book published but with the likes of J.K Rowling being in the height of her career it was difficult so she took the decision to hold off for a while and keep her book tucked away. But like most busy mums, life got hectic and children grew into demanding teenagers, Kelly started working for a local charity dressing up as a fairy and she also met her husband. So the book became a “on my to do list” Until now. Kelly’s new husband asked to read the book and after reading it encouraged Kelly to continue with her journey which brings us to this very day. Kelly’s aim is to encourage more children to start reading again, but she also wants to take you on an adventure into a world of fantasy and magic. For Kelly, Dahleigh is being re born and book two is being written but for the reader the Journey is only Just beginning.


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Nestled in a small quiet village called Hadleigh in Essex, lived a simple little family. A young boy and his sister. . They both lived with their mum in a tired little terraced house that was in total disrepair. Their mum totally doted on them and although she was struggling trying to cope on her own she never showed it. Every weekend she took them for a picnic come rain or shine to the local country park that was home to an old castle ruins. The children would go exploring while their mum sat in the same spot every week taking in every inch of the breath-taking scenery. This is where they all were today. A fine spring Saturday, the sun was shining and the birds were singing their spring songs. But little does this simple perfect family know that today would not be like every other Saturday they’d known, today was going to be the day that would change their lives forever and life as they knew it was never going to be the same again.


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5 stars What an amazing read, not only for adults but it has captured my daughter's imagination and transformed her into another world, an absolute must read for the whole family & we can not wait for the next thrilling adventure.


5 Stars Very good children's book will capture there imagination , as it did for me (adult) it was like I was there drawn it the story , it captured my imagination of what everything and everyone looks like. Have to I loved the place where it's base around and the surroundings very much , one Brilliant Author and cannot await till book two is out. Well done x



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