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K. A. Hill

Author of The Winners’ Guide, a beautifully composed avant-guard self help book written to inspire it’s readers to follow their dreams and find happiness in the moment.

AUTHOR: K. A. Hill

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The Universe In Us

The Universe In Us
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K.A. Hill (born July 22, 1988) is a down-to-earth, yet eternally positive, eccentric, daring and lovable Scottish author, entrepreneur and speaker, who has made it his personal life mission to inspire millions of people to escape the rat race, find their purpose and live their dreams.


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The Universe In Us is a true story of one man's struggle from a lost soul to an enlightened being, at peace with the world in it's current manifestation. The story encapsulates the idea that unconditional love is the answer to the worlds problems, in a beautiful rollercoaster journey of romance, world travel and spiritual enlightenment that sees the lead character discover his purpose and manifest his childhood dreams in the process.

Whilst working in a soulless corporate job, Kyle realises that there is more to life than working 9-5. This realisation leads him to a spiritual teacher who blesses him with a life changing mindset, that leads onto a magical 3 year adventure where Kyle discovers the power of the mind, heart and soul to create and manifest life's wildest dreams. But not without the pitfalls and setbacks; heartache, unrequited love, money problems and a long-standing battle with deeply rooted insecurities and personal demons.


Karolina Rocka (Amazon Customer)

Touching book. Truly unconventional. It is true - this isn't another self-help book where the author tells you what you should do. Here, for a change, the author tells you his story. A rough story, many authors would never uncover their lives this way, but he opens himself completely to the reader. He is so brutally honest, about himself, about the people and life around - and you immediately fall for it. You feel you identify with the character, because, yes, you are also flawed, but at the same time you are a beautiful human being trying to find your place on the Earth.

Jacqui J (Amazon Customer)

Written very honestly with wit and humour, not a self help book in the norm. More a realisation that you are who you are because of what you've experienced. As a product of our environment and how we choose to use what it teaches us, we are ultimately responsible for our own happiness. Worth a read if you are struggling to find direction in life, it helps you realise that we all go through difficult times, it's how you deal with that experience that defines you.



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