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John Jackson

Welcome to my Abouttheauthor page.

I am a retired ship’s Captain, with a family tree full of wonderful reprobates and scoundrels. For a writer of Historic Fiction a family tree like mine is truly “the gift that keeps on giving”.

My first book, “Heart of Stone” about my 5 x Great-Grandparents, is set in Ireland in the 1740s. It was published in October 2017 by Crooked Cat Books

My next book is in preparation, and is 25k words in as I write. It concerns the scandalous doings of my 4 x Great Grandmother! 

AUTHOR: John Jackson

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Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone
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Following a lifetime at sea, John Jackson has now retired and lives in York. After thirty years of non-fiction writing, drafting safety procedures and the like, he has now turned his hand to writing fiction.

An avid genealogist, he found a rich vein of ancestors going back many generations. His forebears opened up Canada and Australia and fought at Waterloo.
A chance meeting with some authors, now increasingly successful, led him to try to turn some of his family history into historical novels.


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When young and beautiful Mary Molesworth is forced to marry Robert Rochford, widowed heir to the earldom of Belfield, she finds that her idea of love is not returned. Jealous, cruel and manipulative, Robert ignores her after she has provided him with a male heir, preferring to spend his nights with his mistress. Power-hungry, Robert builds up a reputation that sees him reach for the highest positions in Ireland. 

Caught in an unhappy marriage, Mary begins to grow closer to Robert’s younger brother, Arthur. Acknowledging their love for each other, they will risk everything to be together. But Robert’s revenge threatens their lives and tears them apart. 

Will Mary and Arthur find a way to escape Robert’s clutches? 

Based on real events, Heart of Stone is a tale of power, jealousy, imprisonment, and love, set in 1740s Ireland.


Taurus Girl

5 out of 5 stars A Great Debut for John Jackson... By Taurus Girl on 25 October 2017 Format: Kindle Edition I have to say I've really enjoyed reading John's debut novel Heart of Stone. What I find extremely unsettling about it is the fact a man as evil as Robert Rochfort actually existed. Robert is a single minded man who hungers for only two things: power and even more wealth than he already has. A widower, he needs an heir and who better than young, beautiful Mary Molesworth, whose stepmother is anxious to get rid of her in order to concentrate on making good matches for her own daughters. As most young women do, Mary dreams of love and hopes she will find this with Robert. He, however, sees her only as a brood mare and a way of accumulating more wealth through her dowry. The death of his father Lord Rochfort also sees the beginning of an intense rivalry between Robert and his youngest brother George, each trying to outdo the other in terms of wealth and possessions. Handsome Arthur, the middle son, an army major arrives to attend Robert and Mary's wedding and from the moment she sees him, Mary's fate is sealed. Set in Ireland in 1700s the John cleverly weaves historical fact and real characters into this tale of love, deception, betrayal and suffering. A thoroughly fascinating read which I found difficult to put down.

Rebecca H Stevens

Customer Review 5.0 out of 5 stars A great read By Rebecca H Stevens on 29 September 2017 Format: Paperback| Verified Purchase I thoroughly enjoyed reading Heart of Stone. I found it hard to put down from the first pages onwards and read this book very quickly compared to my norm with a few late nights thrown in. I also found it provided deep insights into what it was like to be a woman in the 1740's in Ireland (and probably elsewhere too) and how tough it was in general for many people. The characters were also intriguing and the dark, psychopathic tendencies of the main villain were both frightening and gripping.



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