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JF Holland is a new Indie Romance Author, at present she has 2 Contemporary Romance books out.  Her debut book The Only One got 5 * ratings on amazon.  She recently released her 2nd book This Time, both books are based around the people who work at Dennison Property Services.  She writes about everyday people looking for their happy ever after and the trials  and complications that try to stop that from happening.  She adds a little sass and humour in her books as life is not all doom and gloom and some situations are damn funny.

AUTHOR: JF Holland

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The Only One

The Only One
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JF Holland still lives in the small town in Manchester, Uk where she was born, raised and attended school. Now a mother to 6 children of her own she also lives with her husband and a small menagerie of animals.   She’s always loved the underdog, the fighter, but let’s face it, we all want to believe in the happily ever after As a huge fan of books (book nerd is the term her children use), as she  has an immense romance collection; Kate Hardy, Hannah Howell, Jill Shalvis etc., But also includes paranormal romance. If she’s not writing, she has her head stuck in a good book, because she says ‘you can’t beat reading, watching the plot and characters come to live in your imagination’  When she was younger, she’d re-write books and fairytales she read to give them the happy ending she wanted.  So after having a varied career in everything from Retail, Admin, Customer Service and Teaching unemployed adults, she decided it was time I started to do something she’s always loved and write my own stories.  As an indie author she got good reviews for her debut book The Only One an office romance and has quickly followed it up with a 2nd book in the Dennison Property Series called This Time that was released on 23rd October.  She’s now working on a stand alone Christmas release ‘Blue Christmas’ about a young divorced mother who is also a romance writer trying to add more spice into her books to gain sales.  There will be a few laughs and a couple of learning curves thrown in for her on her path to her Happy Ever After.


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Kitty Phillips is sick of men with commitment issues, and revolving bedroom doors, she’s through with them all, happier on her own; it’s certainly less painful. She moves away and takes up a Job as a Personal Assistant. The only problem with that is her boss is a good looking man, with a penchant for changing his women like he changes his shirts. Determined to stay under this playboy’s radar, she alters her appearance behind thick glasses and badly fitted clothing; it works like a dream for 2 years: well until she loses her temper that is. 

Blake Dennison is bored of his lifestyle, fed up of unchallenging women and easy conquests. He doesn't believe in dating his staff, so he’s certainly never payed much attention to his unassuming Personal Assistant, of 2 years. He's caught off guard when she loses her temper and her disguise slips; giving him a glimpse of the passionate, beautiful woman hiding beneath. Suddenly he’s no longer bored any more, and for a chance at bedding kitty he’s more than willing to throw his own rules out of the window. 

With explosive chemistry and a woman that challenges him at every turn, Blake pursues her; setting off a game of cat and mouse. Can he get past her reservations and guard, to reach the passionate woman beneath? 
He’s even for an even bigger surprise though, because once she gives into the passion, he gets a lot more than he bargained for, and meaningless sex is no longer enough! For the first time in his life he's found a woman he wants forever with, but will it last? 

Will his past get in the way of the best thing that's ever happened to him and ruin any chance of a meaningful relationship? 

Kitty is blown away by the passion and the man, she’s finally found the one she's longed for, but will circumstances get in the way and part them? Or will she finally have her happy ever after with a man for whom she is, The Only One? 


Caroline Storer

I loved this debut novel by Ms Holland. The interaction between Kitty and Blake was fabulous. Roll on book 2 which comes out later this year. Well done be. Writing a book and "getting it out there" is not as easy as it looks. Caroline Storer

LJ Stanworth

Loved this book couldn't put it down and can't wait to read the next one. Can't believe this is her first ever book. Easy to read and had really great story and characters. Roll on October for the second instalment.



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