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JF Holland

JF Holland is an Indie Romance Writer who’s a sucker for the Happy ever after.  She has 2 books out at present The Only One which received 5* reviews on Amazon and very recently released her 2nd title in the Dennison Property Story Series called ‘This Time’ 

AUTHOR: JF Holland

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This Time

This Time
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JF Holland still lives in the small Manchester town she was born, raised and went to school.  She’s married and has 6 children whom she’s also raised there, plus a small menagerie of animals.  A sucker for the happy ever after, she’s always been a huge romance fan and reads everything from Contemporary to Paranormal.  She likes to include humour in her books, because sometimes life is funny.  She writes about believable characters in everyday setting, women with sass and whit and men that swear.  The Only One was an office romance between the owner and his PA the 2nd Book This Time is about the PA’s brother and a young mentally scarred mother and his fight for their happy ever after.  He had to not only fight his own demons but hers too.


Author Book

Alison Pope has dealt with an awful lot of heartache in her 25 years. Being orphaned at 3, she's taken in and raised by her elderly grandmother to then lose her just as she finishes school. Marrying young then losing her husband too, but life hasn't quite finished with her. While dealing with not only losing her husband, she then not only finds herself pregnant, but also homeless and penniless. 

Rob Phillips has grown up with secrets and hiding his background, he's wary of trusting too deeply in relationships, becoming cynical of motives. 

Alison Pope is employed at the same company his twin sister works. He's captivated by her innocence and beautiful sorrowful eyes, she's a complete enigma to him, so different from the women he's usually attracted to. She seems sweet and lost when he's introduced to her at an art exhibit; surely she can't be what she seems? No ones that good? Everyone has an agenda? or so it seems to him,especially beautiful women where wealthy men are concerned. 

Alison seems leery of relationships and is definitely not as open a book as first appearances led him to believe. She definitely has some secrets of her own, but what are they and will they alter how he sees her? Or will they fill in the pieces he knows are missing? 

Alison is definitely hiding something but can Rob get to the bottom of it and break through to the woman he hopes she is, or will it all be a case of "smoke and mirrors"? 

Can Alison dare to take a chance on a player, after everything life has already dealt her? Has she finally found someone to whom she can confide her secret and unload her burden? 

Surely This Time she'll get her happy ever after?




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