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Jason is a police officer for a large health system in the southeastern United States, who happens to write Christian thrillers. He is the author of the original Knox Mission series, which follows federal agents John Knox and Malik Sharif on thrilling dangers in a not-so-distant future. His experience at everything from a police officer, to personal trainer, to PE teacher, to football and basketball coach, to bouncer – has helped him experience encounters with a wide variety of people. Add that to his fascination with action movies and thriller and suspense novels, and the occasional fantasy, and you end up discovering just how Jason weaves tales that reveal characters who face dark, seemingly insurmountable events or threats…yet there is always one light that helps the characters overcome that darkness. Jason strives to write stories that he hopes can reach the souls of his readers. He is on a writing mission, and whether he makes the best sellers’ list or not doesn’t mean half as much to him as revealing a little light in the darkness, one reader at a time.

AUTHOR: Jason E. Fort

Misguided: The Jesus Assassin

Misguided: The Jesus Assassin
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Jason E. Fort was born and raised in Greenville, SC, by a traditional southern family. He is the oldest, and biggest of three boys. His parents allowed him to be heavily involved with a small local church, and he went on to attend a small Christian college and pursue a brief career in education as a PE teacher. Along the way he taught and coached basketball, baseball, and football. He also found his way into the fitness industry, and eventually the YMCA. He wanted to make more money for his family, so one day he walked into a local bar and asked about a job as a bouncer after hearing about the place through a neighbor. After a five year attempt at being the nicest bouncer in town, people began telling him he needed to go into law enforcement or security. He began working as a police officer in 2010, and still works as a police officer to this day. He grew up with a flair for drawing, and has since channeled that creative energy into storytelling.


An Egyptian holy man for the religion of Islam is assassinated, and the killer leaves a gold cross as his calling card. The same Christian assassin kills on US soil, and it is now up to the FBI and Interpol to bring him to justice. FBI Agents John Knox and Beth White team up with Interpol Inspector Malik Sharif, but they are at a loss when the assassin leaves no trace of evidence at crime scenes. Meanwhile the assassin is starting his own personal war with Muslims, and the government he works for becomes suspicious. Can a Christian FBI agent and a Muslim Interpol officer put aside their differences, and perhaps even use them to track down the assassin? Can Agent White battle her spiritual demons? Can the agents find the killer before the media turns the case into an international religious circus? Join the investigators on a journey that will remind you of the latest assassin-style video game, and your latest crime novel. But before it's all over, ask yourself - is the assassin any different than you or me...or is he just - Misguided?




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