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I don’t believe in genres and I think a novel should be as long as it takes to tell the story. Everything I write starts with ordinary people, but usually something strange happens to them and they have to deal with the consequences. In this new age of Indie Authors we are free to write what we enjoy. If you wish to stay in the comfort zone read ‘Quarter Acre Block’ inspired by my family’s experience as Ten Pound Pommies. If you dare to take a chance, I have just completed my ‘Triangle’ of novels, the ‘Brief Encounters Trilogy’ . Set in the early years of this century, three very different narrators tell their part of the story.


AUTHOR: Janet Gogerty

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Lives of Anna Alsop

Lives of Anna Alsop
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Janet Gogerty is  a novelist, short story writer and blogger. She has four novels and two anthologies published on Amazon Kindle and her short stories have appeared on line, on paper and in audio. Janet is an author member of Goodreads

and this is where you will find her ‘Sandscript’  blog.   On her website find out about her books and read an illustrated Beachwriter’s Blog. You can also relax with your coffee and enjoy flash fiction.


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All Anna DaSilva ever wanted to be was a doctor, but newly qualified, she met a group of people who were to change her life.
As Anna Alsop emerges from the misery of morning sickness she looks back on the past year and tries to come to terms with the year ahead. Married swiftly to a man she hardly knew, step mother to a hyperactive toddler who must be protected from himself and the rest of the world, can love and sharing the impossible be enough to build a family and her career?
Anna and the other residents of Holly Tree Farm keep their inexplicable experiences secret from the rest of the world and try to create a normal life, but for how long?
'Lives of Anna Alsop' is the third and final novel in the 'Brief Encounters Trilogy'.

Brief Encounters - Trilogy or Triangle?
A family saga of three generations and three families set over three years early in the Twenty First Century. A thriller of music, medicine and mystery entwined with tales of unrequited love, love lost and found and love crossing impossible boundaries.
But most of all this is a story of ordinary folk who are your neighbours, who sit next to you on the bus. They work, shop, cook and look after families, while keeping secret the inexplicable events that have changed their lives.




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