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I’m a 1993 born member of the Greater Toronto Area. Writing wasn’t always my cup of tea, especially because of the negative marks I’d get back from my english teachers while growing up. My love for writing was discovered in 2013; it all happened when I decided to write a random rant on Facebook, and the feedback I got back from my peers were outstanding. It encouraged me to start this blog, and continue to write. As time passed the feedback got better, and it encouraged me to attempt to write a novel. Today I am a published author, I now have a name for myself. There will be more to come from here on out so be sure to stay in contact.

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AUTHOR: Janaath Vijayaseelan

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Cross Roads: Pick A Path

Cross Roads: Pick A Path
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Janaath Vijayaseelan was born, and raised in Toronto, Canada. Writing was never something he dreamt of being something he wanted to do all his life. At first his aspirations were to become a lawyer, but that dream like many changed after he spent a couple years at York University. As he grew older he started to learn there is more to the world than what he has experienced. He started to use writing as a tool to express his frustrations towards society, and soon after that he started to notice that people actually enjoy his style of writing. As all the positive feedback flowed in he gained the confidence to step into bigger waters. He started writing for local publications, and that gave him much more exposure. At the age of 22 Janaath managed to hold grip of an audience for himself. Things were starting to become very stable until one night where he woke up during a nightmare and thought his dream can make for a great movie. He knew his situation, at the age of 22, it isn’t easy to get hold of big time producers willing to pour funding into a story thought up by someone who just entered the adult world. So he starting writing a novel, and today he sits on his project titled “Cross Roads: Pick a Path” his first self-published novel. He has appeared on both TV and radio interviews, and as we speak, he’s probably working on the sequel to his successful debut.  


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You are clueless to the amount of things that occur in the world over the span of your life. You’ll be so busy living your life in a customary way that you don’t even realize how fast it could change. Arrun Durai a twenty-seven year old engineer probably assumed the same. He had the family he wanted, all his siblings were adopted just as he was, but still the family he wanted. He had the job, well-paying, great hours, he couldn’t ask for more. Probably the most important part of a mans life is the woman he ends up with, and he even had that.

Everything doesn’t always happen perfectly though, at some point in everyone’s life they must meet cross roads. Past his perfect life Arrun ended up at cross roads as well.

He now spends his time locked in his condo, condemned to the waves of smoke, accompanied by the burning sensation of alcohol. All because Hasini left him, pretty pathetic isn’t it? Well some just have different ways of coping to people leaving them.

One night, that’s all it took. Arrun just wanted to get some more marijuana, but he didn’t expect to come to meets with one of the most feared men in the criminal underworld.

How did a man from Toronto, Canada end up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu? What happened at his cross roads? Which path did he take?




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