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I am a UK-based author of erotica, often with a romantic twist. I write contemporary erotica, and paranormal erotica which is based on myth and legend. I am the author of The Coming of Eve, a spanking novella which focuses on physical and psychological boundaries, and matters of the heart. I am also one of the contributors to the ‘Lust’ paranormal erotica series, anthologies of individual novellas. My book, ‘Flights of Fantasy’, the story of a lusty Lilitu and her search for a man’s heart, is included in Lust on the Wing, and ‘Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith’ is included in Lust in Tooth and Claw.

AUTHOR: Ina Morata

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Lust in Tooth and Claw

Lust in Tooth and Claw
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Ina Morata is a writer of erotic fiction, often with a romantic twist. Her work leans towards the literary in its content, style and themes, and frequently deals with the darker, hidden, more emotionally unnerving nature of explorations into sex and sexuality, desire, and of being in love – or in lust. Ina frequently writes about the blurring of fantasy and reality, voyeurism, spanking and erotic adapted from history, myth and art. Her writing does not always have a ‘happy ever after’ ending – sometimes it is soulful and sad – but it is always sexy and intelligent in its own distinctive way. If her work arouses you, wonderful; if it makes you think or feel, or both, then even better.

The Coming of Eve is the first novella in Ina’s ‘The Eden Collection’. She is a contributing author to the ‘Lust’ paranormal erotica series. Each volume is an anthology of steamy novellas by the #PNRLust writers. Her novella, ‘Flights of Fantasy’, is included in Lust on the Wing. ‘Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith’ is in Lust in Tooth and Claw. This volume sees the start of a new series by Ina about the Leanan Sidhe. She is currently writing more novellas for the ‘Lust’ series, and a solo erotic short story collection on voyeurism and exhibitionism. She is also blogging her Love Slave trilogy, so her readers have a chance to give feedback and offer suggestions about how they would like to see the books progress.

Ina has a degree in English Language and Literature, and a Masters in English. She has freelanced as an editor and proofreader, and has had numerous stories published under a different name.


On Ina’s website are many short stories, serialised books and other tasty morsels. Visit it here: 


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Lust in Tooth and Claw is the third volume in the 'Lust' series. Four lusty novellas by different authors come together, featuring tempting characters who love nothing more than using fangs and claws to get their heart's desire.

Ina Morata's novella, 'Leanan Sidhe and the Wordsmith' is the first in a novella series featuring the Leanan Sidhe of Celtic mythology, and a hapless writer, Andy Marshall. When Andy offers himself as (albeit failing) writer-in-residence in an advert, he gets only one reply. in taking up the post, he discovers what it's like when a muse calls - and when she has every intention of claiming him in her own very special way, and for her own very special purposes.




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