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How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

Lisa Newton is a serial Author and UK Entrepreneur. She has written over 20 books in a variety of genres, but namely in business, finance & personal development. Her books include: Quickbooks Online, How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business, Cosmic Ordering with Vision Boards, Think & Grow Rich, Make the Most of Your Money and How to Write A Book In Two Weeks. Several of her books are available at Audiobooks on Audible. Lisa runs courses on how to write a book and has a book publishing company specialising in turning books into audio called Booglez Limited.

AUTHOR: How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

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How To Write A Book In Two Weeks

How To Write A Book In Two Weeks
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Born in Nottingham, UK, Lisa Newton moved to London to study Accounting with Marketing at Middlesex University. Graduating with a first class honours degree, she then went on to do an MSc in Investment Management at City University.  In the same month of the Masters graduation ceremony at City, Lisa formed her first company Boogles [which began primarily as a bookkeeping service] with £150. Her mum put in £50, and Lisa used £100 of her overdraft.

 A strong supporter of women in business and entrepreneurial people, Lisa is an Ambassador for Enterprising Women (the UK campaign to give women confidence and ambition to be enterprising – to have ideas and to make them happen). She is a member of the ICB & AAT.

Lisa is a serial entrepreneur and holds various directorships in various industries including telecoms, software, hair & beauty as well as finance. She has won various awards in Business including: Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2007 with Precious Online and in 2008 Enterprising Business Award and has been nominated and a finalist in numerous others including Boogles being short listed to the final 5, out of 14,500 entries for Best Bookkeeping Practice Lucas Awards in 2009 and 2011 and Boogles being short listed for Best Accounting Franchisor in 2011 by the BKN awards. In 2012 Boogles won Best Accounting Franchisor award.

Lisa does talks on how to write a book and has an online course. Information on courses and products can be found at:

 Lisa supports the charity The MS Society. A speaker, consultant and an avid net-worker, Lisa enjoys meeting people and working on projects with like-minded individuals. In her spare time, Lisa likes travelling, dancing salsa, writing books and learning languages. More about the author can be found at:


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Do you have a burning desire to write a book, but don’t know how? Have you been thinking about writing a book for a while, but just have never ‘gotten round to it?’ Would you like to get your book completed quickly?

Serial entrepreneur and author Lisa Newton explains how to write a book in two weeks (or less). Newton wrote ‘Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards‘ in two weeks, and following constant questions about ‘how did you do it?’ she explains the process in this book which is ideal for non-fiction, business and how to genres.

Newton believes “You can write your book in two weeks (or less) if you want to badly enough.”



A good blue print to follow, I struggle with the workflow when writing a book and this book gives me a good set of templates and rules to follow. It says a guide to writing a book in fourteen days and it means fourteen days, you stop and publish it. Something I can understand, too often I have carried on tweaking a book until the book is not what it should be, so this makes the day two chapter the most important for me. This is the chapter that covers the structure of the writing; you write your writing plan, plan your time and sort the tasks that are needed to complete the book. The author shows her knowledge and experience, this gives you some extra tips in overcoming the challenges of writing and publishing. Five stars from me.


This book documents the process the author took in writing her book in two weeks. The author's motive is to encourage budding writers to "just do it". The author stresses the need to have a clear idea of the topic you want to write about and the reason why you want to write about it. Having a clear idea would enable you to visualise the end result and help you produce something of substance. Also determining your target audience is crucial to being able to actually write the book in 2 weeks. The author states that many people actually struggle to write a book because they have too many ideas running around in their heads,. Without proper planning and structure, they will find it difficult to move forward. This book provides the reader with relevant questions they need to ask themselves as they prepare to start writing their book. I found it useful because it reminds the reader of very vital issues that need to be addressed. For instance the 6 prompts of writing, why editing and reviewing is necessary, etc. The book also addresses the biggest excuse people have for not writing which is time. Within this book there are many ideas on how to overcome this obstacle, you will also find important action points at the end of each chapter. A great book which I found very useful. I highly recommend this book.



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