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Helen Morris a.k.a Aravelle

Helen Morris is an author of many talents, she laughs in the face of one genre.  That said her heart lies in fantasy writing.  A huge Pratchett and Rankin fan her fantasy has a slightly satirical edge as demonstrated in her first self-published novel ‘The Source of Magic’.  An epic tale of magic, dragons and with even a cameo of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

Her second self-published project was her blog that was extremely popular.  We’re all a little voyeuristic it seems.  A testament to what dating and relationships are really like in the world of social media and internet dating.  ‘The Dating Adventures of HDJ’ is an honest reflection and opinion of what dating is like, what women really think and yes that even covers sex. 

AUTHOR: Helen Morris a.k.a Aravelle

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The Source of Magic

The Source of Magic
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Well if you haven’t already guessed Aravelle is not my real name.  My real name is Helen Morris which is much less magical and very, very normal.  Aravelle was a name that sprang to mind for a character in The Source of Magic and I liked it so much (and it had the bonus of being unique enough to be an accepted username almost everywhere on the internet) that I now use it for everything.  Most people call me Ara or ‘Velle and that works perfectly for me… Never thought of myself as much of a Helen anyway.


I started writing stories as far back as I can remember which must have made for me being a particularly precocious child and never really lived in what so many people adamantly call ‘The Real World’.  It was during my English degree that it became obvious just how much writing really meant to me and how (since the career at Disney didn’t work out) this was what I wanted to spend my life doing.  


In 2002 the first draft of The Source of Magic became a real thing and I could finally call myself a writer because I finished something.  After a few re-writes, a couple of tweaks and a lot of procrastinating in 2011 it was finally self-published in a blaze of quiet and in no way earth-shattering glory.


During 2010 I jumped on the blogging bandwagon and had a whole heck of a great time and created myself another alter-ego (apparently one was not enough) and this saw the birth of Hell De Jour or HDJ as she is known by many.  The blog was amazingly popular and recieved over 1,000 hits in the first month so by 2011 I took the first 100 blogs and made them into a book which I also self-published.


I’m currently working on my biggest project to date which, if I have planned this right, is set to need 5 books to finish it.  I am excited beyond words about this…but for now it’s a secret.


Ara x


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The Source of Magic is a mythical creation, the fundamental element that makes magic magic.  Hundreds of years ago it brought two brothers to almost destroy everything as they fought to control it.  The Great God Yin and his brother Lord of the Bowels of the World or simply The Boss.  So the Source was taken away from them, split into a million pieces and hidden beyond even their reach.  There it would be safe until the time would come when the one man who was the perfect balance of good and evil would come to claim it.


In the shadows an old evil stirs, it is gathering momentum and followers and the backing of an influential wizard from the Magical Enclave.  The minions of Sahun have amassed to recall the sourcerer from his banishment to the dimension beyond and to take over the world.


Dreyfus Moon, an aging wizard from the town of Scorpi takes on a new apprentice. A young, gnagly innocent called Bart who is used to summon a dragon, starting a seqence of events which tears the seams of time, space and magic and the war between good and evil begins once more.  Ancient magic, the will of the Gods and the hesitation of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is all that can save the world from complete destruction.


Aided by a griffin, a witch, a runaway princess, two thieves a dragon slayer, his cowardly son and a policeman; Bart and Dreyfus set off on effectively a suicide mission to stop the bad guys and save the world. Fighting off megalomanic dragon slayers, blood thirsty pixies and trying to stay one step ahead of an assassin along the way.  Of course it's not going to be that simple...




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