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Graeme Gibson is a UK author specialising in a tantalising mix of Political Thriller and Romance. He is the author of The Janus Complex and Archangel, the first two novels in an epic tale of political intrigue and romance set in late 1960’s and 1970’s Britain. Book three of this trilogy (Dark Secrets Trilogy) is currently under way with the working title Redemption and is expected later this year or early 2016.

Archangel takes the hero of The Janus Complex into the murky and violent world of Political assassination. Using his past and psychological pressure against him, Ultra, a covert British Security Unit, recruits Jamie Raeburn. It is the time of ‘The Troubles’ and the UK Government is struggling to control the terror that is being unleashed both in Ulster and on the UK Mainland. Ultra’s Archangels, a select group of highly trained assassins are thrown into the fray and Jamie finds himself being used in ways he didn’t expect. He decides to get out but before he can do so he has to carry out one final mission…and it almost is is last. 

AUTHOR: Graeme Gibson

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Graeme Gibson is a native of Glasgow who now spends his time between his home in Scotland and his adopted home in France. Over the years he has had a varied employment history having worked as a trainee metallurgist, telecommunications engineer, stock control manager and, after attending university in the mid-1970s, he trained and practised as a solicitor in Scotland. Throw in periods driving buses and taxis in Glasgow and Lanarkshire, a few years importing champagne and selling wine and grape picking in Champagne and you have a man with a wealth of experience and stories to tell. Add a liberal helping of imagination and you have an author. He now spends his time writing and renovating his home in rural France. The Janus Complex, his first novel and the first book in the Dark Secrets Trilogy, was released on Kindle in August 2013 and in paperback in December 2014. Archangel, the sequel was released earlier in 2015 and the third book in the trilogy, Redemption, is well under way with release anticipated later in 2015  or early in 2016. You can keep up to date with progress at


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It is 1970 and Jamie Raeburn has put his dark past behind him...or so he thinks. But a secret U.S. document passed to Ultra, a clandestine British Security Organisation, revives his nightmare. 
Confronted with his past Jamie joins Ultra and becomes one of the organisation’s top assassins, the Archangels, carrying out a series of assassinations in Northern Ireland as the U.K. Government tries to destabilise both Nationalist and Loyalist factions. He compartmentalises his life, living as two people; Jamie Raeburn, husband and father, and Michael Messenger, State sponsored assassin, until one day he is ordered to kill a man whose life doesn't fit the terrorist persona Jamie expected. He begins to question what he is doing and decides it is time to get out. But no Archangel simply "leaves" Ultra. In an explosive conclusion Jamie faces an IRA execution squad, outnumbered and outmanoeuvred...and they knew he was coming. Someone wants him dead, but who...and why? 


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This book will keep you awake. A very enjoyable read.

Amazon Customer

Could not wait for the second book as the Janus Complex was great this one just the same now can't wait for third book. Really caught up with the character. Well written.



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