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Elle Pepper

Elle Pepper is an American, a teacher, and a writer of eclectic multi-genre fiction.  Her most well-received work is her “Flag of Bones” series about the dashing Pirate Captain Jalen Shenn and his quest to the End of the World.

AUTHOR: Elle Pepper

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Voyages of the Dragon Wynd Book I: The Shallows

Voyages of the Dragon Wynd Book I: The Shallows
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Elle Pepper is an up-and-coming Indie book writer, her Flag of Bones series, now in its third volume, was well-received by her audience.  She is a school teacher so she aims her work she says for the ‘middle grade readers’ but “doesn’t want to alienate the adults who like a good Pirate story too.”  When asked about how the idea for the story came about, the author said, “Well, it was really a collision of two ideas.  I had this idea of “what if gunpowder were never invented?  What would that do to the world?  What would take its place?  What took its place was magic. (Magika)” and with the fusing of those two ideas was born the idea of Jalen Shenn, the Swashbuckling captain of the Dragon Wynd.  “I used to read a lot of the Classics, and here in the States, most of those are british.  But the book that made me love reading was Treasure island, so it’s not really a take on it, but it is one of my first loves”


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Brought to 'Devil's Cove' twice to be hung as a pirate, and twice rescued by the benefactor known only by the Island word for 'hero' Captain Jalen Shenn finds himself bound by blood and honor to bring this mysterious figure to a place even the Pirates fear, "the End of the World."

Twenty years later, the day finally arrives when he must finally choose, take his benefactor to the one place his men fear, or give up his life, his ship, and possibly his soul to defy his word.

Betrayed by his closest crew, with his wife and daughter missing, presumed by many to be dead, Jalen finds himself facing a choice he never thought he'd make.

Should he, the so-called "king of the Pirates," take up the black flag again in open defiance of the Empire, and risk being brought to hang a third time, without hope of rescue, or should he give up his quest to find the fate of his wife and daughter, and hide under the freehold banner, never to see the open seas again?

With the sun setting, treason on his boards, he faces the reef, guarded by his wife's people, the fearsome water race known as the Spira, who are said to be able to take your very soul if angered. It is here, at the reef, with the Empire behind him and closing fast, a traitor beside him, and the fearsome Spira before him, that he must finally choose both his fate, and his course.




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