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I’m an award-winning writer. No, I didn’t win the award for writing. I won it for having the best legs at my gym, but we flaunt our achievements whatever they may be. Plus, my mom says my books are better than James Patterson.

I love mysteries! I like reading them, solving them, and as it turns out, I like to write them as well. I currently have seven books in my Alex Harris mystery series available: Armed, Poisoned, Flossed, Mahjonged, Smoked Pickled, and Gunned. I’m currently working on Nailed and that should be out hopefully my Christmas 2015. As you can see, they have fun names, and they’re fun to read. I want to entertain you and along with a good mystery you’ll have a hard time solving, I want you to have a smile on your face, too, so I keep them light with plenty of quirky characters. Alex, my protagonist, is addicted to M&M’s so you might want to grab a bag before you start reading!

I’ve also just released Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings. It’s my lighthearted memoir about my years living in Belgium. I went to Europe for a one-week vacation and met and fell in love with a local and stayed for 12 years! See, I’m impulsive, too, and that keeps my life interesting. I’m also working on a sequel about moving back to America and re-acclimating, which was harder than I thought it would be!

Besides writing, I also love traveling. I’m a native New Englander and my mysteries combine my love of Europe and New England, with each book having a European connection. I’ve created the fictional town of Indian Cove, but if you look closely, you might recognize it as Milford, Connecticut. I hope you’ll follow the links to buy the books or join me on my author page on Facebook.So happy reading and I would love to hear from you!

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Elaine Macko is a transplanted New Englander living in California. She is the author of the Alex Harris Mystery series. From a very young age, she possessed an over-active imagination finding intrigue and mayhem in everyday situations, often with hilarious results. While living in Europe, she started writing her mystery series and never looked back.  Elaine is currently working on the eighth book in her series and a sequel to Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings.  All of Elaine’s books are available on




Secrets never stay hidden forever…and sometimes they lead to murder


Alex Harris Van der Burg is looking forward to some time off with her guests, Gerard and Annie Willix. But when Sheldon Spiegel comes to town and has the nerve to get shot a few days before their arrival, Alex hopes her husband, police detective John Van der Burg, can solve the crime before Friday, say around noonish.


But their guests have different ideas. Gerard, a police detective in Belgium, immediately joins forces with John to find the murderer, while Annie and Alex conduct their own clandestine investigation trying to figure out why Mr. Spiegel thought his daughter had been switched at birth. With the help of Alex’s friend Shirley, a private investigator, and her lovable grandmother Meme and her cadre of white-haired accomplices, Alex and Annie are determined to find out if the person who switched the babies almost thirty years ago is also the person who put a bullet in Mr. Spiegel’s forehead.


Which dynamic duo will find the guilty party first—or will Annie and Gerard return to Belgium never having solved the crime. It’s a race to the end, or as Annie would say, Game on!




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