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I’m an award-winning writer. No, I didn’t win the award for writing. I won it for having the best legs at my gym, but we flaunt our achievements whatever they may be. Plus, my mom says my books are better than James Patterson.

I love mysteries! I like reading them, solving them, and as it turns out, I like to write them as well. I currently have seven books in my Alex Harris mystery series available: Armed, Poisoned, Flossed, Mahjonged, Smoked Pickled, and Gunned. I’m currently working on Nailed and that should be out hopefully my Christmas 2015. As you can see, they have fun names, and they’re fun to read. I want to entertain you and along with a good mystery you’ll have a hard time solving, I want you to have a smile on your face, too, so I keep them light with plenty of quirky characters. Alex, my protagonist, is addicted to M&M’s so you might want to grab a bag before you start reading!

I’ve also just released Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings. It’s my lighthearted memoir about my years living in Belgium. I went to Europe for a one-week vacation and met and fell in love with a local and stayed for 12 years! See, I’m impulsive, too, and that keeps my life interesting. I’m also working on a sequel about moving back to America and re-acclimating, which was harder than I thought it would be!

Besides writing, I also love traveling. I’m a native New Englander and my mysteries combine my love of Europe and New England, with each book having a European connection. I’ve created the fictional town of Indian Cove, but if you look closely, you might recognize it as Milford, Connecticut. I hope you’ll follow the links to buy the books or join me on my author page on Facebook.So happy reading and I would love to hear from you!

AUTHOR: Elaine Macko

Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings

Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings
13 978-1502545879
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Elaine Macko is a transplanted New Englander living in California. From a very young age, she possessed an over-active imagination finding intrigue and mayhem in everyday situations, often with hilarious results

In the 1980s bored with life in general, Elaine signed up for a six-day vacation to London and Brussels in the dead of winter, and found time to meet and fall in love with a local Belgian man and extended her trip to last 12 years. While living abroad Elaine became a board member of a charitable organization and taught Mexican cooking classes to the expatriate community. With a love of writing always lingering on the back burner, Elaine decided to try her hand writing a mystery and after several months, completed a draft of her first book, Armed, and moved on to six other books in the series


Elaine never forgot her New England roots and centers her books in the fictional town of Indian Cove, Connecticut. Each book includes a European connection bringing together her love of both places.


An active member of Sisters in Crime, Elaine takes comfort in knowing that there are many others like her out there spending all their free time trying to come up with inventive ways to kill people.


Sometimes when you go looking for adventure, you find more than you bargained for…


In 1986, armed with a newly minted passport and a pair of kick-ass boots, Elaine Macko went to London for a week-long trip that turned into a 12-year odyssey.  Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings is a delightful, poignant, and sometimes heartbreaking romp through Europe. In addition to her travels and starting up her own business, Ms. Macko managed to meet two U.S. presidents, had tea with the queen of the Belgians and lunch with a countess in her ancient castle, and had more than a few encounters with a pervert. Somewhere along the line the young, naïve, and insecure young girl who went to Europe on a lark emerged a confident and self-sufficient woman, who managed to carve out a life in a foreign land with sometimes hilarious results.  If you’ve ever longed to travel or been in a relationship that didn’t turn out quite like you expected, Fried Calamari Looks A Lot Like Onion Rings will entertain you, make you laugh, and bring a tea to your eye.





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