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My hands are into everything that involves Books. Editing, Writing, Graphics, Marketing… I love making beautiful books, worthy of reading – and websites too. I offer so many services for self published authors that I’ve decided to call myself The Book Khaleesi. It’s shorter… and I’m a Game of Thrones fan. The Mother of Books, The First of My Name… Yeah, it’s cool. I started out as a blogger and freelance writer. Used to be a suit before I left my day job to freelance full time… and now, I’m living my dream.

Writing, to me, is an opportunity to talk about the important things. I have a tendency to write about topics that people are uncomfortable discussing in public, ummm… even in private. I like naming the elephant in the room. People may not like the truth, but that’s just the way it is. It won’t change unless you do something different, and not unless you look at it straight in the face and say, “Hey, I know you.” 

I write about stuff like that. Not to whine and gripe or lecture, but to drop crumbs on the trail. If it helps someone find their way, if it makes a difference to just one life, it’ll all be worth it.

I love the written word. They’re like pearls of wisdom, passed on from person to person. Secrets that are handed down so that the wisdom may live forever. That is our immortality. That is what I’d like to leave behind. A legacy of words… of stories.

Offline, I’m happily married to my dream boy. Love the ocean, snorkeling, reading, TV series marathons, movies and traveling. Although, I’d be perfectly happy just staying at home and reading a book.

Check out my books! The 2nd book of the Now What? Series will be released this June. If you’re interested in starting a career as an online freelancer, watch out for it.

AUTHOR: Eeva Lancaster

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You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? A Book for ALL Couples

You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? A Book for ALL Couples
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Eeva Lancaster is a Freelance Writer, Editor and Author from the Philippines. She’s a book lover in every sense of the word. Her love affair with books started at a very young age, and it’s no surprise that her career now is centered on writing and Self Publishing.

Prior to her writing career, she was a C Level Executive Assistant for 6 years. It was only this year that she decided to freelance and write full time.

When she’s not busy writing, Eeva loves to snorkel and laze by the beach, or go on road trips with her husband. But, she can be perfectly happy, staying at home with a good book, or watching TV series marathons.

For now, most of her books are in the Non-Fiction genre. Writing is her way of conversing with her readers… sharing life experiences and points of view. With an opinionated voice and a restless inquisitive mind, you can expect many books from Eeva in the years to come.

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  Do you want to get to know your partner better? Do you want to KNOW what your life will be like when you live together? You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? is a recommended read for all couples who are planning to take their relationships to the next level. Many couples forget to talk about the situations they will most probably encounter, leaving them unprepared and unaware of how their partners may react. Many have unrealistic expectations which are not based on reality, and that results to disappointment and frustrations. Feelings which lead to contempt, until one day you realize that the love you once felt... is gone. This book will not give you answers to a better relationship. It will get you started on the questions, so you can be better acquainted with the person you love. Who they are now... and what you can expect from them on certain situations in the future. Asking the right questions, will often get you the answers you need. If you can talk about this at this stage in your relationship, you can approach your future with more confidence. You'll know what to expect, and what's expected of you. No wishful thinking. No baseless hopes and dreams. Just love and the comfort in knowing exactly who's walking life with you. Get a copy. Start the conversation.


Barbara Land

You’re Getting Married Soon … Now What? by Eeva Lancaster takes a thoughtful look into married life before the event begins, which really is the most practical time to start examining the coming challenges. The problem, as Ms Lancaster astutely points out, is that most couples don’t really know what’s coming and therefore, have no way to choose a path that will lead to success (or at least give one a fighting chance to get there). This volume handily covers the most common events that can cause problems in a marriage if not navigated wisely: keeping the lines of communication open, bedroom matters (and things that happen in the bedroom do matter!), starting a family, and issues surrounding money. Ms Lancaster offers practical, down to earth advice based on her own marital life experience as if she were having a conversation with her reader rather than conducting a lecture. Her writing style makes the text engaging, and the illustrations, both playful and straightforward, also help to break up the text into manageable portions that hold the reader’s interest. I would recommend this book to anyone entering into marriage for the first time who is working to set themselves up for success.

Blake Malone

Not being any kind of expert on marriage, it’s hard to say whether the topics addressed in this guide are comprehensive. They strike me as a package of important and useful things to know about your partner. Through open communication, you get to know each other better. I like the notion put forward here, that when you and your partner encounter one of the typical issues in marriage, you will be better equipped to address it if you have built a foundation by having previously discussed it. Sitting down together and opening up about a defined list of difficult and possibly embarrassing topics is obviously a useful exercise in itself – learning to communicate. This makes perfect sense. This book makes perfect sense.



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