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I love rhyming poetry. It’s the best way to express emotions. When I decided to self publish, I thought it was only fitting that I start out with this collection. I wrote it 20 years ago, and I lost the manuscript and it only resurfaced after 16 years. You have no idea how weird it was to read the words of your younger self. I went back in time and relived everything she went through. What’s weirder is that, after almost 20 years, the man I wrote the poems for… is now my husband. It’s my very own fairy tale.

My hands are into everything that involves Books. Editing, Writing, Graphics, Marketing… I love making beautiful books, worthy of reading – and websites too. I offer so many services for self published authors that I’ve decided to call myself The Book Khaleesi. It’s shorter… and I’m a Game of Thrones fan. The Mother of Books, The First of My Name… Yeah, it’s cool. I started out as a blogger and freelance writer. Used to be a suit before I left my day job to freelance full time… and now, I’m living my dream. 

AUTHOR: Eeva Lancaster

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In Loving You: A Journey of Love and Self-Discovery

In Loving You: A Journey of Love and Self-Discovery
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Eeva Lancaster is a Freelance Writer, Editor and Author from the Philippines. She’s a book lover in every sense of the word. Her love affair with books started at a very young age, and it’s no surprise that her career now is centered on writing and Self Publishing.

Prior to her writing career, she was a C Level Executive Assistant for 6 years. It was only this year that she decided to freelance and write full time.

When she’s not busy writing, Eeva loves to snorkel and laze by the beach, or go on road trips with her husband. But, she can be perfectly happy, staying at home with a good book, or watching TV series marathons.

For now, most of her books are in the Non-Fiction genre. Writing is her way of conversing with her readers… sharing life experiences and points of view. With an opinionated voice and a restless inquisitive mind, you can expect many books from Eeva in the years to come.

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In Loving You is a collection of 52 poems that tells the story of Eeva Lancaster's love for a man she couldn't have. It is sad and painful, as the author shares her emotional journey and bares her pain and longing in her poems. In the end, Lancaster shares her hopes too, her triumphs and beautiful self realizations, when she finally learns to overcome this challenge in her life.

An excerpt:

Inside of Me.. 

I hear the echoes of a sound so far away
I just don’t understand a single word they say...
I move closer so that I can better hear,
But when I do they always disappear…

I see the traces of a picture I have dreamed
But when I looked it isn’t what it seemed
Cause every time I made the colors flow..
I’m left with nothing but an empty show

I looked and looked and there at last I found…
A wondrous place with lots of wondrous sound,
There I have found the truth that set me free…
It wasn’t far, it’s just inside of me.

Copyright © 2014 Eeva Lancaster



Sandra S. Kerns "Romance Writer"

This is a poignant collection of poetry. The emotions, love, betrayal, pain, rebirth, are all painted with such honesty you can’t put it down. Well, maybe to grab a tissue now and then. However, where some poetry books show only the down side of love, this shows all sides of love. The passion, the heartache, the hope, the strength, the devastation, and the metamorphosis from young, immature love to a deep, strong, abiding love-filled relationship. The last entry, The Journey, speaks to what is imperative if you are to have a true love relationship with another individual. You have to love yourself first. Kudos on sharing your journey with us, Eeva.


Eeva Lancaster's book "In Loving You" is a true testament of the power of love. I enjoyed reading her poems and would highly recommend the book to those who love and who have loved someone with all their heart. These are not just words for she has proved that if you believe in your love nothing can prevent it coming back to you.



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