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Dudley Anderson

South African born, Dudley Anderson began his writing career writing for radio in 1994. Now resident in the United Kingdom, Dudley currently writes a weekly e-mail devotional called, trACker, which developed out of a radio show he produced called, On-Track. trACker is published through and has been running since July 2003. trACker reaches hundreds of people worldwide via e-mail and online blogs. In 2015 Dudley Anderson compiled a devotional book comprising 52 of these weekly devotional thoughts entitled, God-tracking Through the Year – year one. This book is the first in an annual series of books featuring weekly Christian devotional thoughts.

AUTHOR: Dudley Anderson

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God-tracking Through the Year - year one

God-tracking Through the Year - year one
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Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa Dudley Anderson graduated from Bible College in 1990. In 1994 he moved into Christian radio as a presenter and music journalist for 2 years. In 1996 Dudley and his family moved to the United Kingdom where he continued to broadcast for an international radio company for 7 years, reaching millions of people across central-southern Africa via shortwave, FM and the Internet. Dudley’s writing began with a weekly e-mail devotional as an offshoot of his radio programme, in 2003. This e-devotional became known as trACker. trACker is published at and reaches hundreds of people worldwide. Dudley Anderson is married to Karen-Leigh and has two children, Kerryn and Ryan. Dudley and Karen currently pastor a church in the British Midlands. He continues to produce for Christian radio.


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The Bible tells us that God knows the plans he has for us. The truth of this statement is, it is indeed, God who knows the plans he has for us but we don't; not until he reveals them to us, that is. Therefore, in order to walk according to God's plans we need to be ready to seek and track his purposes on a daily basis. God-tracking Through the Year - year one is a selection of 52 weekly inspiring thoughts to help us remain in God’s will by tracking his plans and purposes for our lives. These thoughts are based on the author’s personal experience of what he terms, God-tracking.

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Best Devotional Book in the 2015



David McDougall

This book is definitely filled with "practical spirituality" - quite an unusual quality for a Christian book. With ideas in it that can be put into practice immediately and effectively. It soon becomes clear upon reading it that the author, Dudley Anderson, is very much guided by the Holy Spirit in the writing of it, proving that God is a God of the "practical". And is also concerned with the small details (nitty-gritty) of His children's lives. I would recommended this book wholeheartedly for anyone who takes their "walk with God" seriously.

AK Chenoweth

Dudley Anderson keeps every reader 'on track' with his weekly devotional series, 'God-tracking through the Year.' A sublime collection of inspirational devotionals, that will leave you knowing that you are on the right track and in total alignment with God's will. A perfect gift or keepsake. God-tracking Through the Year is a devotional that you can revisit again and again and get something new each time. A must read and essential part of every believers library!



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