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Denise Greenwood is a UK author of gripping, psychological thrillers. She is the author of ‘Crushing Curiosity‘, an extraordinary thriller about a man with an unusual obsession who encounter his perfect victim. It is comparable with #thriller #suspense by Susan Fortin, Alice Feaney or Joy Ellis.

AUTHOR: Denise Greenwood

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Crushing Curiosity

Crushing Curiosity
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Denise Greenwood uses her unconventional life experiences and intuitive understanding of people to create unique characters and their stories. She lives with her husband and son on the fringe of an old mill-town situated at the western slopes of the UK South Pennines which provides a rich source of inspiration for her writing. You can find who I am in my Crime Thrillers. I explore my darker side in my writing.” Denise can be contacted via:-

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Gripping, psychological thriller

In this extraordinary thriller a man with an unnatural obsession is in pursuit of his perfect victim. A chance encounter with a young woman then challenges his patience, perspective and strict lifestyle. Misunderstandings transform the relationship between two unique characters while they both face danger neither suspect. This disconcerting story will provoke your emotions as the killer’s personality is revealed and his victim’s plight is uncovered.


Sue Wood

The main characters are intriguing and become interwoven in a dark and mysterious web. You think you know where the book is heading and then there's a twist, or an event that sweeps you along a different path. The author knows how to target your emotions and curiosity and keep you locked into the story. I was saddened when I reached the end of the book...there's obviously more intrigue to come from these characters...isn't there? - Amazon Review


This gripping psychological novel is captivating from start to finish; it is creative and descriptive and you are constantly wondering what will happen next! The book is a crime thriller, but it’s also a book of relationships taking the reader further, in a darker and unexpected direction. The two main characters are Barri – an emotionless, sinister psychological serial killer, and Caprice; a young woman with deep personal problems. The story winds a complex web of intrigue between the two; desire, love, deceit, and neither of them even suspect the other's dangerous secret that they harbour. Barri is the bad guy – but I was drawn to him and actually started empathizing and liking this cool sadistic killer; could I be identifying with him on a subconscious level? With a whole host of secondary characters interacting, they bring unexpected twists and turns, which adds to the mystique of the plot, further captivating the reader. The suspense, tensions and mystery makes this a magnificent read - Amazon Review



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