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Debrah Martin (writing as D.B. Martin)

Debrah Martin plots fast-paced thrillers as D.B. Martin, as Debrah Martin she writes literary fiction, and as Lily Stuart she is THE teen detective.

Debrah’s past careers have spanned two businesses, teaching, business networking and social event management. She chaired a literary festival in 2014 and also mentors new writers.


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AUTHOR: Debrah Martin (writing as D.B. Martin)

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Patchwork People

Patchwork People
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Debrah Martin writes under three different pen names and in three very different genres. She plots fast-paced and compelling thrillers as D.B. Martin, with the first in the Patchwork trilogy, Patchwork Man, having been recently awarded a coveted B.R.A.G. Medallion. The explosive conclusion to the series, Patchwork Pieces, was released on 13th April 2015. As Debrah Martin she writes literary fiction, where often the truth IS stranger than fiction, and two new titles are due to be released in 2015/16. And not to be overlooked is her YA teen detective series, penned as Lily Stuart – THE teen detective. Irreverent, blunt, funny and vulnerable. Webs is the first in the series, with Magpies released in Summer 2015.

So why not stick to just one name and one genre?

‘Variety is the spice of life,’ she says. ‘And I continually have all these new ideas – they have to come out somehow!’

Debrah’s past careers have spanned two businesses, teaching, running business networking for the University of Winchester (UK) and social event management. She chaired the Wantage (not just Betjeman) Literary Festival in 2014 and also mentors new writers.


You can find out about all of her books and latest releases on her website


Author Book

The second book in the compelling Patchwork People suspense series of murder, intrigue and lethal relationships is out now! 

Never count your blessings until all your curses are numbered… 

In Patchwork Man (book 1): when top English barrister Lawrence Juste's wife is killed in a hit and run, he thought the worst he'd have to face would be too much sickly sympathy and too much press attention. 

In Patchwork People (book 2): Lawrence’s murky past is back under wraps, the blackmail threats have been silenced by his success in court, and the High Court Judge's mantle is almost round his shoulders again. Naively, Lawrence believes life could resume almost in its old pattern – minus a wife – until the black edged card arrives. 

This is a world where no-one is what they appear to be and no sooner does Lawrence patch one hole in his fraying life than another appears. Murder, lies and the cleverest deceit a man could conceive of a woman take Lawrence to the brink of desperation - and an unexpected truth. 


Marc Stern

How can you improve on success? If you want to see an author who knows exactly how to achieve this lofty goal, read D.B. Martin's "Patchwork People," the second book of the Patchwork trilogy. In the first novel, "Patchwork Man", we meet Lawrence A. Juste, QC, noted British counselor whose sterling record before the bar is about to catapult him to the Queen's Bench, the culmination of the dreams of many lawyers in the United Kingdom. The unsuspecting Juste is devastated by the untimely death of his strictly proper wife Margaret, killed by a hit-and-run driver. She has carefully crafted Lawrence's life so his path to the bench will be free of obstacles. Margaret is, by all accounts, the perfect wife for Lawrence. She seems coldly flawless, but was she? As he takes time to prepare for her funeral, he is unwittingly drawn into the case of a boy who is unjustly accused of a crime. His late wife seems to be reaching out from the grave to direct his steps in this effort. Why would she do this? Is there something she never told her husband? As he plunges into this shadowy world, Juste is reacquainted with a family he has pushed aside and a nemesis he has tried not only to forget but also banish from all aspects of his life. Juste wins the case but at what cost? In the first novel, Martin brilliantly paints a word picture that challenges you to follow and then provides the equivalent of a literary trail of crumbs to ensure that you do. From cover to cover, "Patchwork Man" is the equivalent of a novel-length trail of crumbs that leads you, quite willingly, to "People." In "People," the past does rear up to ensnare the unwitting counselor-at-law. Indeed, his carefully constructed world -- built on a tissue of half-truths -- begins to crumble as a murder and a blackmail scheme threatens to put him behind bars. In the first novel, we found that Lawrence's real name is Kenny Juss and that he comes from a rather large, and not to respectable, family. We also found that Kenny may have known his sister Kimmy quite intimately at a rather debauched legal victory party a decade earlier. That party resulted in the birth of a boy who could be the Lawrence/Kenny's son, but is he? Indeed, did he really do his sister or was it someone else? If so, who was it? Again, Martin pulls you into a world of shadows where the truth, half-truth and outright lie merge and separate only to merge again in a new pattern. For instance, is Lawrence/Kenny's new main squeeze Kat, an alluring social worker who is supposedly looking out for the young Danny -- the result of the party -- really who she says she is? Or, was Margaret really who Lawrence/Kenny believed her to be or was she something else? And, how about Win, his older brother, or even Heather, his law partner, were they really who they seemed? They are all patched together of many pieces that Lawrence/Kenny must arrange and rearrange to make any sense of things. Everyone in Martin's fascinatingly well-written psycho-mystery has more facets than an expensive diamond, even the seemingly bumbling detective chief inspector. The characters are so well-crafted that, while you are in this patchwork world, they seem real. It is a world where you become concerned about the chief character and worry as his life tumbles down around his ears. The very capable author, a master of words and writing, carefully builds a new lattice for Lawrence, as she sculpts the story through many intricate twists and turns. Martin has a real gift that she, thankfully, has chosen to share with her readers. Her gift is the ability to literally pull you into "Patchwork People" and keep you there as you hope that Lawrence will triumph. Martin's ability to foreshadow and then build to the penultimate moment of denouement is exciting and a tribute to her ability. She is one of very few mystery writers whom I have read that has this ability that harkens to the masters of the craft. If you want to see a modern master at work in a highly enjoyable work then take the time to read "Patchwork People," as you will be glad you did. I would suggest making this enjoyable experience last by reading "Patchwork Man" first and then "People" second. You will quickly find out that not everything is what it seems, or is it?

Heather G - Top 500 reviewer, Amazon

As a mystery lover, D. B. Martin made my day with “Patchwork People.” While the second book in a series, this novel really is a stand-alone tale that is enhanced by Volume 1, but not dependent upon it. Enough is revealed in subtle hints along the way to fill in any blanks, a trick, as it doesn’t bog the narrative down for those who have enjoyed Volume 1. I have noticed among my friends that there is a tendency to brush past the prologue, treating it more as filler than the glue that ties points together. Some novels allow for such a travesty, offering up the details as the pages go by in a redundant repetition. Do yourself a favor, do not commit that sin with this novel. This prologue not only sets the tone of the book, it asks the questions that will ultimately rule the narrative, arrows shot from the quiver of creativity – and the very foundation of what this book becomes; plus, you get to read ‘didactic diarrhea’ in a plausible sentence…. How often does that happen? Lawrence Juste, recently poised as the darling of the courts, finds himself on the verge of a fall – a fall that some people are determined to ‘help’ him with. When blackmail letters start arriving he knows that his past has reared its head and the piper is looking for his rat – it’s an ongoing psychological thriller that plays with his head and his heart as the notes arrive written on the funeral cards he sent out for his wife’s funeral. Too much is happening, too many questions are swirling, he is implicated in a murder and Danny…. Danny – where does he fall in all of this? Not to mention his older brother, his dead sister – it’s all a mess and Lawrence is at the center of this fire. Entrancing with subtle foreshadowing and clever twists, this is a mystery novel sure to satisfy and leave you hungry for Book 3!



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