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My name is Debbie Tipp (nee Hill), (nee Curtis). An avid collection of surnames but not nearly as impressive as my collection of fridge magnets. Although to be fair Tipp isn’t in my top ten of choice surnames but Bowie, Connery and Jackman weren’t readily available.

Anyway, I was born, and lived, in Kent until I was 8, and then moved to Bournemouth where I was educated and later discovered boys and Martini.


I then followed my mum to Devon where I got my first job – the Government’s YTS programme at a sub Post Office in Paignton, earning a giddy £27.50 per week. Ahh, those extravagant and frivolous days… Just as well my favourite crisps (Football Crazies) were only 5p a packet!


It was in Devon where I met my first husband who gave me my most treasured gifts – my two boys. We enjoyed three years living in Cyprus – a very different way of life; relaxed and hot, earthquakes and extremely cheap grapefruits.


After separating from my first husband I took out some ‘alone time’ which mostly involved a lot of wine, (I’d moved on from Martini), eighties clubbing and a lot of reinventing myself.


I went back to work, met my current husband, (no plans to trade, despite the surname), and live across the road from The New Forrest, in Southampton.


I work full time as an Admin manager and I have to say that supervising 6 adults is harder than bringing up kids!


I long to write for a living, get a dog and have enough time to bake pies.

So that’s me, in a nutshell … a somewhat condensed nutshell – the pistachio version as opposed to the walnut version. 

AUTHOR: Deborah Tipp

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Mouse and the Dragon Crystal

Mouse and the Dragon Crystal
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Debbie Tipp lived in Kent until she was eight, and then moved to Bournemouth, where she was educated. She now lives with her husband, two sons, and step-son near The New Forest in Southampton. This book is part of a trilogy. Book two – Mouse and the Serpent Queen – is available to purchase also, book three – Mouse and the Black Unicorn – is a work in progress!


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When Mouse draws a beautiful picture under a magical old willow tree, little does she know that she would be transported to another world, where luck is against her, and she finds herself trapped and unable to return home.

Mouse is soon befriended by Taya, a young female dragon who, curious to find out more about her new found friend, takes her back to meet her family. As news of Mouse's presence quickly spreads far and wide, Taya's parents Mullar and Vecky, quickly come to realise Mouse's importance, and the crucial role she's to play in all of their destinies.

Vowing to protect her from those who may want her harmed, the family set off on a long and perilous journey that will test their courage, their loyalty and their love in a way that will change them all, forever.






By What Nikki Read on 27 July 2013

Mouse is a young girl who has moved to a new town with her parents. Her birthday falls in the summer holidays and she receives an artists box from her parents, she loves it and instantly runs off to do some drawing. Deciding to sit under the towns Willow Tree, she makes her way there, though some of the towns people do tell her that weird going's on have happened under that tree. Ignoring this Mouse sits down, starts drawing and is enjoying herself. Things start to happen Mouse is transported to another world, a world full of creatures that are not too different from what she had drawn whilst under the tree. Being the only human, people soon start to try and get Mouse for their own needs. Mouse meets a friendly half-ling and her family, the quest then begins to get Mouse home and fight the battle that will ensue for the remaining dragon crystal. Wow this book was amazing! I absolutely loved it! The writing was exquisite, the descriptions were so on the mark that i was there through every war and battle. I had to keep reading to find out what happened and i read it in one day. I will recommend this to all family and nieces and nephews. Its a great book and will definitely keep your child entertained through the holidays.

By Mrs. L. Taylor on 28 Feb. 2013

I purchased this book, following a recommendation, for my 12 year old daughter and was very surprised at the quality of storyline, characters and writing especially as it is the Authors first publication. My daughter read it and thoroughly enjoyed it, she reads various "genres" from Jacqueline Wilson to the Twilight saga and this was something different but kept her engaged and excited from page one to the ending, that in itself is worthy of praise. My wife read it and thought it was a well written and has recommended it to her friends for their children (and them!). I read it and honestly thought it was excellent and really believe it would make an excellent cartoon film or possible short film that would remind many people of the more innocent films of our childhood that we could watch with our children again and again. Heard that there may be more books to come and will be eagerly anticipating their release. 5 *****



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