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Dawn Ann Campbell

 Author and Editor of Dial A Guru series of personal and business self-help books.

Following a fast track 20 year corporate career in Management Consultancy, Dawn has been a solo entrepreneur for over a decade.    

As well as writing her own e-books and health programmes, she has contributed to four published co-authored books about personal and business health and wellbeing. 

Now she is producing a series called Dial A Guru so finds herself writing as well as editing first time authors and established authors who are equally passionate about personal and business development.  Together they are creating an inspirational series of books that entertains, encourages, educates and empowers their readers to reach their full potential.  As an added bonus, Dawn says “All books come with an accompanying free PDF workbook that helps readers get the most out of the various insightful exercises detailed in our books”. 

Dawn is a Master Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Holistic Practitioner and Nordic Walking Instructor offering Walk As You Talk trail experiences that build self-esteem by supporting clients to get fit and healthy by walking.  

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AUTHOR: Dawn Ann Campbell

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Awaken Your True Potential

Awaken Your True Potential
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 Following a fast track 20 year corporate career in Management Consultancy, Dawn has been a solo entrepreneur for over a decade.   A combination of business  expertise and human resource skills enables Dawn to coach, mentor and train others to become boss of their own lives. 

Dawn has vast on the job training expertise and is at heart a Personal Development and Business Coach (specialising in start-ups), which is why she has two niche areas – your holistic health and the health of your business.  

She’s a sought after Master Coach, not least because Dawn has 9 yrs experience mentoring and assessing student coaches for Noble Manhattan, Europe’s leading coach training provider and is now Head of Assessment for the International Institute of Coaches & Mentors.   


Some of Dawn’s holistic health qualifications include –  

  • Being a  certified ’Heal Your Life’ teacher (philosophy of Louise Hay);
  • a Callahan trained Thought Field Therapist
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Family Herbalist
  • Living Foods Practitioner
  • Life Science Practitioner
  • Currently studying Naturopathy 

Consequently, she’s well equipped to offer tailored mind, body spirit detox retreats at her idyllic home in North West France.   Dawn has recently added becoming a Nordic Walking Instructor to her repertoire.  She is planning to take groups (including small business entrepreneurs) away on residential walking and coaching trails across Europe to help them de-stress and focus on better creativity.   See for more details – she is always interested in co-hosting these events with other therapist, practitioners and coaches.


A published Author of several co-authored books, Dawn is currently editing her own series of personal and business self-help co-authored books called Dial A Guru.   Authors-in-waiting who wish to become a published author to help raise their profile will find out more at 


What can I say? I am totally impressed. I think that running a group effort like this takes a very special mix of talent and you are doing a stellar job! Thanks for this amazingly clear document, considering the numbers and the complexity, it is quite an accomplishment. I just want to say bravo!!  I firmly believe that my text, for whatever it´s worth, is much better for having had you there. I am now convinced I need an editor! Now I know why writers love their editors so much!  Elaine Rudnicki 

 “BBC radio interviews, writing for national and local press, presentations, in-house company training and workshops with 1 -1 follow up sessions mean that hundreds of clients have benefited from Dawns result orientated supportive style“. Erica Connelly, Business Link, UK

 “Dawn is incredibly caring, I can think of no-one that I would rather be support by than her; she is incredibly compassionate and does wonderful work.”  Gerard O’Donovan, CEO Noble Manhattan


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Having coached thousands of clients, and mentored many hundreds of coaches over the past decade, I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t much matter what the topic of conversation is.  The root-cause of the majority of issues we suffer with actually boils down to one main cause: self-esteem, or rather, our lack of it. 


Whether we are experiencing issues, concerns, difficulties, or challenges (call them what you will), we all want the same things in life.  We want friendlier, happier, more loving, sexier, romantic relationships.  We also wish to communicate with more ease; that means listening, as well as influencing, so both parties are understood.  We certainly aspire to attaining financial freedom, and we’d like to choose work, careers, or a business that fulfils our sense of purpose.  Plus we definitely want to enjoy vital health, a zest for life and increase our chances of longevity.


So what stops us from achieving our hearts desires?  Often it’s because we’ve convinced ourselves people won’t accept, like, or love us.  Maybe it’s because when we were younger, we didn’t receive the unconditional love, or acceptance we all need to build a healthy self-esteem?  Consequently, we carry around feelings of low self-worth through to our adult relationships.  Possibly it’s because no matter how loud we tried to be heard, we were ignored, marginalised, or worse, physically trampled on. 


All these reasons and more create profoundly negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours which we continue to act out, until such times as we change our perception of our self-worth.  In the meantime, we don’t believe we are worthy of being in loving relationships.  We don’t value ourselves enough to aspire to being satisfied in our dream job.  Our low self-worth doesn’t merit fame and fortune.  We don’t even feel we have the right to a fit and healthy body. 


So we abuse and neglect our body, we sabotage our prospects and we engage in toxic relationships.  We habitually replay all the negative comments we’ve ever heard growing up about never amounting to much, or we tell ourselves I mustn’t get above myself.


So when someone surprises themselves by surpassing their expectations, they suffer a huge amount of stress because they feel like a fraud and are anxious about being found out.  Same thing with lottery winners; they often go completely off the rails doing anything and everything they can to get back to where they were before simply because they feel undeserving and uncomfortable.  They don’t know how, or what to think because the paradigm of themselves and their situation has been so altered they literally can’t cope.


The good news is that whatever the reason for experiencing low self-esteem in the past, it does not need to continue, or define the future, unless you let it. 


Everything we think, do and believe are simply learnt behaviours, we copied them from someone else.  Meaning, with motivation, commitment and a little help, we can learn new empowering, more positive and healthier ways to think and behave instead.


All we need to do to get started is to find the courage to say “enough”!  Then recognise what it is that we want to be different in our future.  Next, we need to make a concerted effort to finally become authentic; live the life we want to live rather than the life someone else thought we should live. 


We achieve this by finding fresh evidence to support we are worthy of a better future.  That often means making new friends who are happy to encourage us to achieve our goals, rather than hanging around with family and friends who hold us back because they don’t want us to change.  Gradually, our beliefs, values, attitude, behaviours and habits become more nurturing, and our self-esteem flourishes.


Books like ours become an enormously supportive tool in helping us make those changes.  Consequently, we kick off with Eva’s inspirational story about how it’s never too late to realise your dream work project.  She is followed by Wendy who explains her strategy for learning to like, love and accept ourselves, which has the added benefit of training others about how we wish to be treated, it’s all about leading by example. Then Bettina proves it’s possible to break old habits that no longer serve us, and demonstrates how to swap them for ones with renewed purpose.


Ruby shares the importance of being brave enough to be authentic, and live the life we desire, rather than the one we think we should be living.  Next An explains a fun, and innovative way we can all benefit from on-line strategies for increased personal and professional success.  She is followed by Ildiko who received a push from the universe just when she needed it most to fulfil her dream vocation and encourages you to do the same, but without the push, or the wait!


Then Elaine brings the focus back to our inner-self with a fabulous guide into how, what, where and when to practice mindfulness to minimise stress and over stimulation.  Audio links are also provided for those that prefer to listen to her dulcet tones.  Finally, Mala brings things to a close by summing up her empowering strategies for creating success, whatever your definition of success may be.  


So, there you have it: eight caring sharing authors, writing eight insightful, potentially life-changing chapters.  However, we know reading isn’t enough to make a change stick.  Change has to be accompanied by doing; putting things into practice, one thing at a time.  So please combine reading this book with the exercises in the accompanying workbook to achieve maximum benefit, so you too can start living the life you dream of.


Wishing you the best of everything you wish for yourself.


Dawn Campbell


Editor and co-author







Sami Thorpe

You may have heard the ancient African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child’. No man, woman or child is an island, we are social beings hard-wired for connection. We cannot get all that we need for growth and self-actualisation from one source. There are many self-help books available for the seeker. Books about the struggles and plights of the individual, books about success and achievement. It is sometimes difficult to know where to start. This is where I consider Dawn Campbell to have ignited a spark of pure genius with her idea to facilitate the collaboration of a ‘village’ of inspirational experts in the field of personal growth. I have ready many, many books and am a published author myself, but what has always been missing is a book that gives me a ‘village’ of like-minded souls. This book is the first collective inspiration in the ‘Dial a Guru’ series that addresses areas of personal pain and conflict with warmth and candor and takes us on a journey of discovery and awakening. What makes this book special is Dawn’s shining lack of ‘ego’ or need to assert her own or any one person’s views, discoveries or answers as ‘the’ way to fix your problem. There is no ‘one way’ to fix your broken heart, heal your symptoms or change your life. Instead, you are invited to take a journey through other people’s experiences, thoughts and insights, whilst every step of the way being encouraged to reflect on your own thoughts, your own insights and ultimately your own personal growth. You will get the most out of this book if you approach it with curiosity. Curiosity for the journeys of the authors and a curiosity to reflect on what resonates with you and equally what you choose to discard. This book is packed with so many opportunities for personal discovery that I suggest you keep a notepad and pen nearby, not just for the exercises that have been skilfully designed to move you closer towards that light that you seek, but to make a note of your own ‘light-bulb’ moments when your world shifts and your light inside shines just a little bit brighter. Each of the authors - and lets call them ‘Gurus’ as they truly offer light in the darkness - has openly and lovingly revealed themselves, sharing their steps and stumbles along the path of discovery. You will find yourself on a journey with friends, intimate and encouraging, supportive and uplifting. Each Guru will not only meet you where you are, connecting with your pain, your fear, your frustration, but will offer such insights that will give you the encouragement and the support to move forward and find your own feet. They will help you take the next step. On your journey through this ‘village’ of self-discovery you will benefit from the varied life experiences of some very special souls along the way. Sam Thorpe is an International speaker and trainer in Conscious Health and stress and trauma relief and author of ‘METAMessages From Your Body - Understand the cause of disease and why the body doesn’t make mistakes’. Sam specialises in symptom root-cause-analysis, helping people make the connection between their illness and the specific past events and stressors that trigger them. She is an experienced emotional health therapist and is the creator of HEART FOCUSED HEALING™ - a safe and highly effective trauma relief technique based on the latest cutting edge scientific discoveries of experts in ’New Biology' including the HeartMath Institute, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and Dr. Stephen Porges. Sam is highly trained in a wide range of energy and energy psychology techniques and with a background in teaching has created a new breakthrough self-development course called CONSCIOUS HEALTH PRACTICE™. This course takes participants though a process to identify their own unique biological intelligence and innate capacity for survival and growth and provides them with the skills to transform stress into strength to bring healing, health and happiness.



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