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Dave Snell

Dave Snell is the Author of the new Fantasy Series “The Dragons of Lovana”. The first in the series, The Secret Army, introduces you to the magical new world of Lovana and the bright, cheeky character Edwyn Byers, who is unexpectedly sent there after joining the army.

AUTHOR: Dave Snell

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The Dragons of Lovana: The Secret Army

The Dragons of Lovana: The Secret Army
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I’m Dave, never David.

I’m a Customer Service Assistant at the Co-operative and was once in training to become an Estate Agent. We don’t talk about that.
I’ve been writing for most of my life, from blogs about my dog and my son, to long-winded Facebook statuses, to half-finished novels, but Dragons is truly my life’s work, so it’s fitting that it is the first one that I bring to publication.
Nine years in the writing, I’ve lost it completely to a virus, rewritten it, lost it again to a cup of coffee spilled on a laptop, had it magically retrieved, decided that I hated it while editing, and rewritten it again from scratch. Don’t worry, I’ve finally learned how to back it up, and Book Two should come along much sooner than nine years from now.
In the future you can expect several more Dragons of Lovana novels from me, a number of other books in the Fantasy genre, and my name to appear as Editor on a few more.

I’ve immersed myself in Fantasy, and I’m here to stay.


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Edwyn Byers is your typical prospectless 17-year-old. Several months out of Secondary School, he has no plans for his life. All he knows is that he doesn’t want those plans to involve students. Eventually, he decides to join the British Army. Why not? Good money, a sense of purpose, and maybe he could learn some of this ‘discipline’ that his parents and teachers are so fond of. After the minimum four years, he’ll either want to stay or have gained some inspiration for what to do with the rest of his life.
After a meeting at the Recruitment Centre, however, everything changes. He’s invited to join a ‘special branch’ of the army after he admits to particular lack of enthusiasm for guns. In this special branch, he’ll be learning to fight using more traditional weapons, but against a less-than-traditional enemy. At least, the Sergeant didn’t seem to be joking when he mentioned elves.
He gathers his belongings and is thrust through an underground doorway into darkness and a thrilling world filled with magic, mystery, danger, and some fantastic new friends.




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