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Craig Meggy is a Scottish independent author and writer of “The Key-Stone of the Bridge” a gripping tale woven with friendship, whisky and ghosts.

AUTHOR: Craig Meggy

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The Key-Stone of the Bridge

The Key-Stone of the Bridge
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Craig Meggy is a Scottish independent author and writer of “The Key-Stone of the Bridge” a gripping tale woven with friendship, whisky and ghosts. It is based loosely and extrapolated extensively from witnessing acts of pleasure, mirth, stupidity, the heartbreakers and the heartbroken all performed by anyone and everyone he’s ever met – or at least those he remembers.

The Key-Stone of the Bridge is the first book in a planned trilogy; book two is titled Sixteen Miles to the Gallon and a Double Bed and deals with earlier exploits of two of the main protagonists. The final book; tentatively titled Two Lollipop Sticks and a Rubber Band and it is about the hazards of growing old.

Craig no longer lives in Scotland but he does return whenever possible, to pull on a pack and a pair of sturdy boots and of course to go looking for buried whisky


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"Nicely executed, roundly offensive, no concessions expected and none given. This book is highly enjoyable throughout."

 Reunite, four old pals Scully, Doc, Robbie and Donald in an allegedly haunted and isolated shelter. All this amid the creaking bonds of an alliance built in the amber whisky haze of their misspent youth. Throw in the ashes of a departed friend and give them a simple mission, then anything could happen and frequently does.

The Key-Stone of the Bridge is a very Scottish tale, full of chills, thrills, mystery and suspense, as in beautiful and unusually calm winter weather, the four men complete their task.

Then well, things start to get a little strange.

The mountains are usually deserted in winter but two visitors appear seeking shelter and tell of meeting a mystery hiker. That night has some strange goings on but they blame that on the whisky.  Then when there is no sign of the mystery hiker, the four decide to look for him or his body. But the weather deteriorates, their misfortune grows and they return to find their sanctuary gone. 

Will they struggle through to reach civilization and finally discover the truth about their guests and the mystery hiker?


Lorena Sanqui for Readers' Favorite

"I loved The Key-Stone of the Bridge by Craig Meggy. The book was written superbly with the story flowing easily and the characters were animated and amusing. It was definitely a brilliant read. The author did a fabulous job with this book and I would totally read the other two in the trilogy."

Undiscovered Scotland (The Ultimate Online Guide to Scotland)

This is a book you close with a genuine feeling of regret. The ending has some nice twists that add further to the enjoyment, but much of the pleasure comes simply from sharing the experiences and the tales of the four friends, told through utterly convincing dialogue that brings the characters to life in a remarkably vivid way.



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