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Claire Perry Louise

Claire Perry Louise, is a published Author, Speaker and Membership Coach.  She has worked with hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, helping them implement the latest Internet marketing techniques and educating them as to the benefits of the membership business model.

AUTHOR: Claire Perry Louise

How to Make Money from Membership Sites

How to Make Money from Membership Sites
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Claire Perry Louise is an Entrepreneur and one of the leading experts in the membership site industry.  She is the Author of ‘ How to Make Money from Membership Sites”, a Public Speaker and Business advisor and has assisted and educated hundreds of fellow Entrepreneurs and business owners on how to successfully optimise their online presence.

She has a legal background having trained as a solicitor but her passion lies in helping people online and advising them as to how to implement membership systems. The membership business model is incredibly flexible and is a great way to create a passive recurring income online. To connect please leave your details either on her website or find her on Facebook at


How to Make Money from Membership Sites by Claire Perry Louise introduces you to rapidly and easily monetising your online presence. This personal and frank introduction to membership sites uses relevant Case Studies to illustrate just how achievable it is to quickly create a monthly recurring income from the Internet allowing you more time to do the things you want to do. The book has been written in conjunction with leading Internet Marketers who have made millions from maximising their exposure on the web. The book explains in detail why membership sites can provide a steady passive income and gives key insights into how to choose the most profitable niche. Insider tips as to the best membership platforms available and key web resources make this book an essential read for both the existing business owner and the entrepreneur. Amazing and innovative methods to generate high quality content are covered in full as are the key ways to foster loyalty and ultimately retain a strong subscriber base. The Case Studies include exclusive personal accounts of sites owned and established by top Internet Marketers, Simon Coulson, Richard McMunn and Andrew Whitfield. If you are SERIOUS about making money from the Internet do not get left behind save yourself time and fast track yourself to success with this book



Reading Claire's book made me realise that the best way forward was through membership sites Over the past 5 years I have been looking for ways to help my clients gain access to information that they can use to engage unscrupulous 3rd party debt collectors who knowingly extort money from them due to their lack of knowledge of how to respond, or how to respond if a claim is made against them at the Northampton Business court. I knew that I needed to provide the information on a need to know basis without overwhelming my clients with information. Reading Claire's book made me realise that the best way forward was through membership sites. The book is packed full of useful tips and pointers to different resources available to get going. The chapter on the different options for membership platforms lists the pros and cons of the options reviewed. The case studies highlighted in the book are simply inspiring as they illustrate the potential to create substantial ongoing passive income, whilst adding value to the members. Claire's book is a good starting point for anyone considering setting up a membership site.

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Excellent Insight If you are looking for additional income streams or looking to find out more about making money from membership sites, this is the book for you. Easy to read and understand you will have your own successful membership site in no time! After reading this book I set up my own membership site giving members exclusive access to extra articles and features. At the moment the subscribers I have gained in 1 month will earn me £2000 of extra income this year, with more members joining each week and also up-sells from the site. I highly recommend this book will pay for itself from 1 member.



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