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Chester D. Campbell

Chester Campbell is the author of two series featuring private investigators, the Greg McKenzie Mysteries and Sid Chance Mysteries, plus a trilogy of Post Cold War Political Thrillers, and a standalone suspense story titled Hellbound.

AUTHOR: Chester D. Campbell

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Secret of the Scroll

Secret of the Scroll
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Chester Campbell started work as a newspaper reporter while a journalism student at the University of Tennessee. That was 68 years ago. He has also been a freelance writer, magazine editor, political speechwriter, advertising copywriter, public relations professional and association executive. An Air Force intelligence officer in the Korean War, he retired from the Air Force Reserve as a lieutenant colonel. He dabbled in fiction during his business career but concentrated on writing mystery and thriller novels on retirement in 1989. He has eleven books currently in publication. Visit him at


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Retired Air Force OSI agent Greg McKenzie thinks his troubles with the Metro Nashville Police are a problem. Then he brings a "souvenir" Dead Sea Scroll home from the Holy Land and things go from bad to worse. A Palestinian terrorist group invades his home, fails to find the scroll, and takes his wife, Jill, hostage. Greg finds himself with an ancient Hebrew scroll worth millions, wanted by both the Palestinians and a radical far-right Israeli organization. When he tries to exchange it for Jill's freedom, everything goes wrong. Then the police target him as a suspect in his wife's disappearance, and he sets out alone on a perilous chase to save her life.


John R. Lindermuth

Greg McKenzie is a guy who could be your neighbor. He works, he loves his wife and accompanies her to church. He's trying to quit smoking, hold his temper and not swear too much. Then suddenly, just home from a church-sponsored trip to the Holy Land, he and his wife, Jill, find themselves in the middle of a situation that could ignite World War 3. The plot reminds me somewhat of Hitchcock's Man Who Knew Too Much. The stories aren't the same, but there's that same tension and consequences for a character thrust into a situation involving a foreign culture and a place outside his normal life. Campbell builds the reader's sympathy for Greg and Jill McKenzie--they're a likeable couple, one we'd enjoy spending time with--and you want to see them get out of this dire situation. There's plenty of action as Greg, a man with a background in law enforcement, races against time to rescue his wife and avert an international tragedy. It keeps the reader flipping pages. We want to know what happens next and how they're going to be reunited. This was the first in a series and a good place to start if you're unfamiliar with Campbell's work. Good characterization, smooth plotting and even a touch of humor.

Thomas E. Bennett

This is a very good book. I got it this morning and just finished it. Once I started reading I just could not put it down. Well written with plenty of action. Nice to have an older hero wth vices of trying to quit smoking and holding his temper in control. Neither of which he does very well. There are other reviews that tell you about the main character and plot both of which are very good. I just warn you not to start the book at bedtime as you are sure to lose sleep because you can't put it down.



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