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Cassie Harte has written two true life stories. The first one went straight into the Sunday Times charts and is a best seller. I DID TELL I DID is the story of her life of sexual abuse and cruelty and her survival from victim to survivor. Cassie’s second book NOBODYTOLD ME is the true harrowing tale of a legacy of the abuse, her 25 year dependency on prescribed medication that began at the age of 15.This book focuses on how the medication affected her sense of judgment and reason. It tells of the Benzodiazopine fog that was her life, it tells of her mistakes, her heartache and the horrors of  withdrawal. It is not a blame story, it is one of heartbreak, trauma, courage and ultimate triumph.

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Cassie Harte grew up in the South of England in a family of 5 children. She had a heartbreaking childhood. She was neglected and unloved by her mother and abused from an early age by her mother’s lover. She became dependent on tranquilisers and anti depressants, first given to her by her GP as pain control for headaches. The headaches were caused by the stress of the life she was living. She was unaware that they were addictive. 25 years later, after having made many mistakes, losing a child to adoption and a baby born sleeping, Cassie struggled to break free from this medication and finally succeeded. She now lives in Wales, with her husband and a menagerie of rescued animals. She trained as a Psychotherapist in her middle years an gained  a Masters in Counselling CBT. She now runs her own private practice and also works with survivors of Child Sexual Abuse. In 2009 she wrote her autobiography I DID TELL I DID, which is still a best seller, selling over 90,000 copies over 4 countries. This focuses mainly on her childhood and the abuse but talks about the medication.Hundreds of readers wrote to her asking about the effects this medication had on her life. In response to this she wrote her second book NOBODY TOLD ME. Her first book went straight into the charts and stayed at Number One in the Sunday Times charts for some time. Both books have 5 star reviews on Amazon. Cassie wrote these true stories to hopefully inspire others who have suffered lives like her and to enlighten those who haven’.

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NOBODY TOLD ME is an intensely insightful look into drug dependency and sexual abuse. Uniquely showing the ongoing effects, of both , on the main character and her life. This true story gives a window of understanding of how the medical profession treated people with depressive disorders, without looking at relevant causes, until recently. Cassie has shown deep courage in sharing her journey through childhood abuse and the emotional traumatic manifestations of this trauma, her prescription drug addiction. Cassie is proof that those dependent or addicted to medication can recover and go on to lead loving caring lives in recovery.


N. Downie

I have previously read I did tell I did and was crying my eyes out and same with this book. I couldn't put it down. Kept going to bed early to read it. Truly amazing. I've read many real life books but none of them have been powerful enough to reduce me to tears. So heartfelt. I felt myself getting angry that another human could that to another. Cassie truly is an amazing person to have endured the pain and suffering that she did and came out the other end and be writing about her life that must be so painful to relive. I'm in total awe of this amazing lady. I would highly recommend this book x

Ruth Jerman-Collis

Having previously read, I did Tell by this author, I was intrigued to read this follow up, which explores the link between past issues and abuse with metal health issues. Cassie, shares her personal plight in order to explore this connection and how telling but not having anyone to actually hear her but to deal with the situation only through their own judgemental position, caused her further harm. The doctor's that she saw, barely gave eye contact, let alone see the damaged individual at the other side of their desk. Instead they wrote prescription after prescription to dull her feelings and put her in a bauble that lead to a further painful battle against addiction and withdrawal from prescribed medication. Her story is inspiring and what motivates her pen to paper is her desire to prevent others from the same fate, so much so that she is a qualified therapist herself. I too, feel her frustrations having undertaken counselling training and struggling to find paid work, while the NHS battles it's own standing in society with counselling still being reserved for those that can pay. Cassie paid dearly to share this story and I hope that it continues to motivate and eventually provokes changes in our system that recognise the true value of therapy. I have huge respect for this brave and determined author.



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