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Girl Rocks Universe Saga

C. M. Mitchell, an aspiring writer, also has many other loves which make her feel like a comedic walking contradiction. With a love for stories about magic/witches and wizards, to supernatural stories and movies, from vampire series to stories about space crime fighters, she hopes to make everyone who reads her story to in some way, feel at home.

AUTHOR: C. M. Mitchell

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Girl Rocks World, A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice

Girl Rocks World, A Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice
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Girl Rocks World

I usually live by a saying, ‘To write or not to write, that is the question’. Actually that is not the case, it usually is ‘To eat, or not to eat’.

I am a writer, storyteller, and a Jane Austen Enthusiast. The reason that I began the ‘Girl Rocks Universe’ Saga is because I wanted to help Young Adult females gather an appreciation for Jane Austen. I’ve realized that while many teenagers are exposed to her novels at a young age, they don’t enjoy it or see how her writing connects back to them. Therefore, I began this saga in hopes of showing teenagers how Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ can relate to their lives.

Interestingly enough, the saga grew even larger than I expected. While any who wants to read each book can do so, I wrote each book as a modern take on a characters perspective. The first book ‘Girl Rocks Universe’ follows Issy Bennet (a modern take on Elizabeth Bennet). The second book centers around Katie Bennet, who is Kitty Bennet, the third focuses on Melinda who is Mary Bennet, etc. Each book, while figuring into the saga as a whole, can all be read individually without reading the ones before or after the books in the saga. Also, the age range changes from book to book.

Also, the books in the series eventually began to focus not only on modern takes of Pride and Prejudice characters, but also their descendants and ancestors.  Volume 10, ‘Girl Runs Oblivion’, is set in the 24th century, and follows Sonia Darcy, the great etc. granddaughter of Mr. Darcy, for those readers who love a good science fiction story with a little bit of romance.  Then volume 12, ‘Girl Changes Fate’, follows Mr. Darcy’s ancestor in ancient times, Merrwin, for those readers who love fantasy, and would enjoy a female oriented epic that’s in the style of Lord of the Rings.

Then the ‘Girl Finds Eternity’ Series is a Regency Romance of a Pride and Prejudice Variation for any lovers of the original classic, where you get to have a longer journey where the characters you all love also meet other characters from Jane Austen’s other novels.

Lastly, I also wrote a Christmas novel that is a prequel to Dicken’s novel, ‘A Christmas Carol’ because I very much love Dickens classic so much and I always thought that there was more to write on it. As a result, I feel as if there is something for everyone, from teen fiction, to adult fiction and Christmas novella. Therefore, stop, take a look and I hope you find something that you can enjoy.


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It's a fact, unspoken but no less true, that a girl like me never could be given a happy ending. Cary Lucas was one of a group of three friends, and she was always considered as the one of no importance. What is worse is that while her friends all seem to find their purpose, their paths, and they experience true love, Cary is left wondering where her journey will take her, but then one day, she gets struck by a decision to make a choice. Posing as a man, she joins a male ice hockey team, and begins to find significance and a place where she belongs. While there, she re-meets a man named John Clarvil, the Native American man who she once fell in love with when he lived next door. Little by little, they become friends, but while John thinks he has gained a close bond with his fellow teammate, Cary grows to fall in love with him all over again. Yet to add, meeting him drives Cary to learn about the history of a native American woman who was John's ancestor when America was not even colonized. Manoaka's journey to save her people inspires Cary to continue her path of fighting to find her identity, but how long can she keep up the facade? If she were to get discovered, would everything come crashing down, and would she lose everything that she has gained with John? Here comes the modern tale of Charlotte Lucas, one of the few other heroines of the original tale of Pride and Prejudice.




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