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C. M. Mitchell

I usually live by a saying, ‘To write or not to write, that is the question’. Actually that is not the case, it usually is ‘To eat, or not to eat’.

I am a writer, storyteller, and a Jane Austen Enthusiast. The reason that I began the ‘Girl Rocks Universe’ Saga is because I wanted to help Young Adult females gather an appreciation for Jane Austen. I’ve realized that while many teenagers are exposed to her novels at a young age, they don’t enjoy it or see how her writing connects back to them. Therefore, I began this saga in hopes of showing teenagers how Jane Austen’s novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ can relate to their lives.

Interestingly enough, the saga grew even larger than I expected. While any who wants to read each book can do so, I wrote each book as a modern take on a characters perspective. The first book ‘Girl Rocks Universe’ follows Issy Bennet (a modern take on Elizabeth Bennet). The second book centers around Katie Bennet, who is Kitty Bennet, the third focuses on Melinda who is Mary Bennet, etc. Each book, while figuring into the saga as a whole, can all be read individually without reading the ones before or after the books in the saga. Also, the age range changes from book to book.

Also, the books in the series eventually began to focus not only on modern takes of Pride and Prejudice characters, but also their descendants and ancestors.  Volume 10, ‘Girl Runs Oblivion’, is set in the 24th century, and follows Sonia Darcy, the great etc. granddaughter of Mr. Darcy, for those readers who love a good science fiction story with a little bit of romance.  Then volume 12, ‘Girl Changes Fate’, follows Mr. Darcy’s ancestor in ancient times, Merrwin, for those readers who love fantasy, and would enjoy a female oriented epic that’s in the style of Lord of the Rings.

Then the ‘Girl Finds Eternity’ Series is a Regency Romance of a Pride and Prejudice Variation for any lovers of the original classic, where you get to have a longer journey where the characters you all love also meet other characters from Jane Austen’s other novels.

Lastly, I also wrote a Christmas novel that is a prequel to Dicken’s novel, ‘A Christmas Carol’ because I very much love Dickens classic so much and I always thought that there was more to write on it. As a result, I feel as if there is something for everyone, from teen fiction, to adult fiction and Christmas novella. Therefore, stop, take a look and I hope you find something that you can enjoy.

Girl Rocks Universe Saga

AUTHOR: C. M. Mitchell

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Girl Reaches Clouds, a Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice

Girl Reaches Clouds, a Modern Tale of Pride and Prejudice
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C. M. Mitchell, an aspiring writer, received a BA Degree at Desales University. With a long standing love for Jane Austen, I also have many other loves which make me feel like a comedic walking contradiction. With a love for stories about magic/witches and wizards, fairy tales, to supernatural stories and movies, from vampire series to stories about space crime fighters, I hope to make everyone who reads my stories to in some way feel at home.


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'Colonel Fitzwilliam seemed really glad to see them; anything was a welcome relief to him at Rosings; and Mrs. Collins's pretty friend had moreover caught his fancy very much. He now seated himself by her, and talked so agreeably of Kent and Hertfordshire, of travelling and staying at home, of new books and music, that Elizabeth had never been half so well entertained in that room before; and they conversed with so much spirit and flow as to draw the attention of Lady Catherine herself, as well as of Mr. Darcy.' - Pride and Prejudice.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Kitty Bennet began to appreciate her older sisters? What it would be like if Kitty looked up to Elizabeth and her love for Mr. Darcy? Now finally, the tale of Kitty Bennet is told. Katie Bennet is the fourth of five sisters, is one of two twins, and is now on the brink of going off into college and witnessing the wedding ceremony of her older sister, Issy, to the formidable Mr. Darcy from Derbyshire, California. Under the influence of her vain and outlandish twin sister, Lauren Bennet, Katie is a reckless girl who only has good intentions to her name, but not always good actions. Yet, on the brink of Issy's wedding, Darcy's best man and favorite cousin, Raymond Fitzwilliam, comes down to Hertfordshire Wyoming for the ceremony. Secretly in love with his cousin's fiancee for the last three years, Raymond Fitzwilliam is a man who's heart was broken for too long. Resolving himself to the fate of a man who missed out on the first true love of his life, his sole ambition is now to step aside and be the best man he can toward his love struck cousin, but is shocked by a new face when he catches his first glimpse of Katie Bennet. Both become immediately intrigued by each other, but Katie's wild behavior immediately gains Raymond's disgust and lack of respect. They clash bitterly and both part from each other with a mutual hatred for one another. While Katie goes off to college, she becomes separated from her rambunctious sister, Lauren, and begins to mature, and Raymond goes off to serve in the army. Eventually, both encounter each other at Darcy's home for a Christmas celebration and both Katie and Raymond at first continue their battle of wills with each other, much to the disappointment of Issy and Darcy, who wished for a reconciliation. Yet over time, Katie and Raymond's hate HATE relationship alters to a love hate one, and eventually everyone begins to wonder: will anything further occur? Are these two people who are destined to war with each other forever, or destined to become attracted to each other? Will history repeat itself and the love of Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet move on to her little sister and Darcy's cousin? Here is the story where Kitty Bennet is given a second chance to tell her tale.




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