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Brian Dawtrey

Brian’s books are memoirs of an exciting life as a family man, in farming in Norfolk after a crazy teenage love affair in the 40’s, working in African Overseas Aid and wildlife conservation for 25 years, and his encounters with elephants.

AUTHOR: Brian Dawtrey

Voyage to Wild Africa, a Trilogy.

Voyage to Wild Africa, a Trilogy.
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Born 1928. Married with a nuclear family of 14

           14 years family farming in England.   

               25 years organising agricultural land development schemes and 

               building rural roads and dams for African governments under the British Overseas Aid programme and the World Bank.


               16 yrs Hon.Wildlife Ranger.

         Past Chairman of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Zambia


Some publications:

MfubuWildlife Conservation Society of Zambia magazine – Editor.

Elaeis, Journal of Igalaland, (Nigeria)Editor.

Published by the World Bank.


Family history, Who was Shakespear’s Falstaff?

Contemporary Review magazine, London.


Ivory Tales.

Trust (Saga) magazine.


In the Footsteps of Explorer Elton

The Ormskirk Writers & Literary Club,

 (Highly Commended)


Wildlife Murram and Bush

Paper back and ebook. Athena Press 2005


Life at Home Farm

Feed A Read, paperback 2013


Voyage to Wild Africa a Trilogy

Austin Macauley paperback Dec.2014




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Follow the one family’s journey as they adventure from rural England to the wilds of Africa, meeting foxes, chickens, elephants and lions along the way.


Brian Dawtrey shares his witty and informative memoirs of a life less ordinary; alongside a colourful cast of friends and acquaintances met on their travels. This charming family uproots itself from an idyllic life on Home Farm and sets sail across the seas for Tanganyika where a new beginning and, for Brian, a new job in Overseas Aid awaits them. What follows is an often hilarious account of indomitable spirit as Brian, Cicely, and the children tackle every obstacle thrown at them, with admirable good humour, by government, nature and an elephant’s digestive system.



Patrica Herman Grube

Patricia Hernan Grube of Santa Cruz California wrote: "Enjoyed this book about an amazing family."

Sarah Jennings MA

The author paints such wonderfully evocative pictures with his words that he encourages the reader to become personally involved in the events he recollects and this is certainly a very positive feature. Involvement on the part of the reading audience is absolutely vital in such a work as this and essential to its success. This is counter balanced beautifully with the strong emphasis the author places upon family and the idyllic scenes he conjures. It is clear that family is everything to him and we become close to them too - his wife, his children being sketched so well that they feel like our own friends. We too feel we are integral to the party when he says, 'Under Caroline's influence we all twisted to exhaustion on the veranda in bright star light.' The book is also valuable because it tells of a world that is slowly slipping into the past; a colourful world, full of vivid insignia, larger than life characters, dramatic situations and the savagery, sensitivity and excitement that is Africa. It is also the juxtaposition of the personal narrative and the vividly descriptive, that is one of the book's most abiding themes. It ensures that attention is gained and held without difficulty. The descriptions of personal beliefs are the best I have read in many a long day. This book is anything but dull and certainly not bitter. It is lively, pacey and full of incident and one cannot help but be fascinated by the character of the author. Brian is a raconteur which is so rare, but also his life will be a true inspiration to a great many people, both now and in the future.



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