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Bilol Bose

Bilol Bose is the author of ‘The Palace of a Thousand Rainbows’, a romantic fiction taking place over the past forty years in India. Anchored on the universality of the loss of someone dear, the novel explores sexuality through the protagonist’s lifelong search for enduring love.  

AUTHOR: Bilol Bose

The Palace of a Thousand Rainbows

The Palace of a Thousand Rainbows
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Bilol Bose holds an MBA and is an accredited Applied Behavioural Science professional. In his teens, he authored stories and poems, some of which were published and later forgotten. He wrote the first draft of the Palace of a Thousand Rainbows during a rainy Mumbai July of 2004. He makes two distant ends meet through his daytime profession of consulting with large organisations. And fills his laptop with stories that are yet to be told, whenever they occur to him. Bilol lives in Mumbai (Bombay), India. The Kindle edition of the novel is available globally on all Amazon sites. The Amazon UK link is:



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This is the story of Barun, an unsure boy, born in Calcutta, India. At thirteen, Barun is 5’8” tall and a champion in tennis. Girls fling at him messages in lumped pieces of paper. Mother’s friends shower suspicious affection on him.

He meets Maria a few weeks before his fourteenth birthday. Maria’s pulse stops a few weeks later.

A playroom palace, a dry pipal leaf in Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali and his promise to Maria set him on a journey.

A journey in search of enduring love. A search for his Palace of Rainbows.

Maa, his mother, becomes his private metaphor for sensuality.

Sakshi walks into his life as his wife. Shalini – a lonely girl working as a nurse, Gargi – a luscious, smart journalist, Chandni – a tormented, decisive woman with suspicious links - cross his path – intimately.

Shoma – Barun’s schoolmate Sid’s sister comes back into his life. Will it be Shoma and the Palace!

Forty years speed past him with Maa by his side.

Does he find his Palace at the end of this tortuous erotic journey!!!!

This book explores some never answered human vulnerabilities to love and eroticism.

Erotic attractions and passionate fantasies become integral parts of the protagonist’s search and his journey through life.

Human frailties make the impossible a reality and the possible a pipe dream……


Sharad Sakorkar on

It is a naked, bold book. Through Barun's story it tries to explore hitherto unknown corners of mind, makes visible that is invisible, and speaks of things that are unspeakable. What I immensely like about the book is the author's language and prose. The author's use of simile and metaphors interwoven in the powerful narration is exquisite - sheer ecstasy! Sample this: 'Homeless, white, cotton-wool clouds lazily floated like gorgeous intruders across a clear, blue, sunny canopy'...or, 'there was no moon; the sea looked like a dark cauldron in which the gods had cooked a magic potion for mournful monsters'.... I strongly recommend this book.

Sushma Sharma on

An interesting romance. After a long time read a good novel . It's language and symbolism is fascinating . It also captures the complexity of its main character, Barun ; his loneliness, his inner dialogue and myriad colours of his relationships like with his mother, his daughter Radhika, Gargi etc. It kept me so engaged throughout that I was not even aware when I reached the last page . The author's first published work is remarkable . Although a new bee yet his command over story telling is deep and poignant. I loved the intricate metaphors which makes articulation vivid and rich. The story is compelling and the style endearing. I was moved by Barun's quest for companionship. The protagonist is defenseless in his emotions and embraces his polarities so touchingly. It felt,at times, that author was totally immersed in the process of story telling. Therefore, it has a different energy and spirit .. I strongly recommend this novel.



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