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Ann Marie Thomas

 Ann’s ambition was to write science fiction, but, fascinated by Swansea Castle and distracted by a major stroke she researched local history, which culminated in the publication of Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth. The success of Alina led to a second local history book, Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John, and then to her new book, The Magna Carta Story. She is still writing science fiction.

AUTHOR: Ann Marie Thomas

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The Magna Carta Story: The Layman's Guide to the Great Charter

The Magna Carta Story: The Layman's Guide to the Great Charter
Print: 978-0-9571988-5-2 Kindle: 978-0-9571988-4-5
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 The eldest of four children, Ann has been writing poetry and making up stories since she was a child, in London. Her work brought her to Swansea, where she married and settled, having four children of her own. Ann only began to write for publication when her children left home.

Her ambition was to write science fiction, and she has three novels at various stages of completion in a series called Flight of the Kestrel. However, one day she looked up at the ruins of Swansea Castle and wondered what it was like when it was lived in. She Googled it and became fascinated by Gower medieval history. Her research led her to the story of Alina de Breos, but in the middle of assembling Alina’s story from multiple sources Ann had a major stroke.

When she came home from hospital, she occupied her time completing Alina’s story and learning to self-publish in print and ebook. Her husband contacted the local Art College and they found a talented student, Carrie Francis, who drew the illustrations for the book. Alina, The White Lady of Oystermouth was published at Easter 2012, and is the only book about her.

Early retirement from work gave Ann more time to concentrate on her writing. The sales of over 300 copies of Alina in local shops and museums, and at speaking engagements, led to a second local history book, Broken Reed: The Lords of Gower and King John in September 2013, and then to The Magna Carta Story at Easter 2015.

Ann continues to work on her recovery from the stroke, and although she is disabled leads a very busy life. She is very involved in her church and active on social media, including two blogs. She is still writing science fiction and has not given up on the hope of seeing it published.



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 15 June 2015 is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and every place that can claim any connection to this famous event is putting on a show. Some people have never heard of Magna Carta and those that have, usually know very few of the details. Many people think history is boring (including the author!) and so will never attempt to find out more.

The Magna Carta Story is the layman's guide to the Great Charter. The story is told in an accessible way and the text broken up by illustrations. It contains all the intrigue, tantrums and civil war that culminated in Magna Carta, what happened afterwards, and why it's so important. Plus a full translation in an appendix. It is definitely not boring.

Did you know that King John didn't sign the Magna Carta? He sealed it. Did you know that the rebel barons offered the English throne to Prince Louis of France? If John hadn't died, the British Isles might be part of France today. Did you know that Magna Carta was only in force for a few weeks? So why is the Great Charter considered to be the dawn of democracy? Find out in The Magna Carta Story.





This book covers a brief part of history but an important one and it would be easy to make hard work of telling it. In fact it's a relief to read a history book that is written in an easy to follow style. It is indeed a proper layman's guide with enough story to keep me reading without massive amounts of side-tracking incidental information that some books make you wade through. Very interesting and surprising opinions about John himself being bipolar. 5*


Really comprehensive - good balance of information between Magna Carta and King John's reign. I enjoyed reading this as the way in which it has been written ensured good pace and helped maintain my interest throughout. Having completed this book which has helped me gain a good understanding of the history of the Magna Carta I am now ready to move onto something a bit more dense.



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