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Angela Preston is Author of Opening Doors. A true to life story of growing up in a poor family with a dream and self belief that one day I would achieve my goal, even through the trials and tribulations and a near death experience my focus stayed clear on what I wanted and how I was going to achieve it. Throughout all the adversity I faced I believed with a positive mind and action my dream would one day become reality 

AUTHOR: Angela Preston

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Opening Doors

Opening Doors
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My name is Angela Preston, I was born in Liverpool UK to Josie and Eddie  Riley. I am a also wife of 24 years to Barry and mum to Christopher (25), Leighton (22) and Joseph  (20)

When growing up in a family of 6 girls, I was the 2nd youngest and knew from a very early age life was tough for us, but that didn’t stop me dreaming that one day I would achieve my goal of writing books and inspiring others to reach for more, always from that little girl in Radcliffe Walk, I knew I was at my happiest when helping and inspiring others 

My book tells the story of courage and ethics and how I achieved every goal I set myself and how with the right mindset there are no limits to what one can achieve

I was also interviewed by both Radio City and Radio Merseyside about my book the link for my interview with Radio Merseyside. Both station serve the whole of Merseyside and beyond 

Opening Doors was also featured on the website of Readers Digest, again the link for the interview the link will take you to the 3 part interview I conducted about my book

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The book is based on setting and achieving goals, courage and ethics and of what one can achieve when you put your mind to it. The  message is, we all have it within us to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and the message I have is so strong that I want inspire so many people to improve their own lives at the same time live a happy fulfilled existence. I believe we are put on this earth for a purpose and when you know what your purpose is, that is when you truly start living 




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